Southern Machinery can be the SMT solution to your challenges in PCB assembly. We have over 30 years of experience in setting up SMT assembly systems, and in servicing and supporting them. Southern Machinery manufactures a wide range of manual and automatic stencil printers; pick & place systems; benchtop, conveyorized and batch reflow ovens; and other SMT assembly equipment to meet all of your PCB assembly requirements. This high quality equipment offers customers a highly economical, yet extremely efficient way of manufacturing their SMT assemblies.

Users of Southern Machinery SMT equipment include companies just starting SMT board assembly, companies producing SMT assemblies in low to medium volumes, prototyping and/or R&D applications, government Mil-Spec applications and companies looking for flexible, off-line production.

Looking for customized SMT or in-line manufacturing equipment? DDM maybe be your best option as the only complete SMT equipment manufacturer in the USA.

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