Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

Global services

Welcome to southern machinery, your complete Information Distribution and E-learning Solution Center. We provide a full spectrum of engineering, technical, industrial, and training support services, data and voice/video communications services for clients nationwide and overseas. Our professional, certified staff can provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Southern machinery’s standard development process involves detailed review of customer requirements by our global applications engineering team. We work with you to develop and deliver a complete PCBA manufacture system optimized to the needs of your end application. Our extensive engineering expertise team can guide you through prototyping, testing, tool development and production.Our svervice engineers provide before/after sales support and facilitate all communication with our design centers. Our approach is flexible and accommodating; our highly trained and experienced engineers will travel all over the world to solve your on-site problems making it possible for you to have a worldwide customer base who have complete confidence in your products. The on-site presence provided by Southern machinery gives you cost effective but consistent and effective support for your products.
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main title  cmsmain  cms Brazil customer on-site training
main title main title our engineer set up the machine in Brazil
main title  cmsmain  cms our machine in Indonesia customer
main title  cmsmain  cms our machine in Malaysia customer
main title  cmsmain  cms our machine in Malaysia customer
main title  cmsmain  cms our engineer set up the full led manufacture line in India customer

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