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VSL T Anvil to Cutter Former (Window Opening)

2023-02-09 17:51:22

This adjustment sets the distance between the anvil and the cutter former
(window opening). This dimension determines lead length that extends from
the bottom of the board.
Cutter Head is removed from the Clinch Base
Special Tools:
Vernier calipers
• The anvil opening can be set from 0.060 to 0.090 inches and both
sides should be ± 0.001 inches.
• The lead length and angle are adjustable. For example:
Cutter Head
0° Position
.070 ± .010 in
(1.78 ± 0.25 mm)
52° ± 33°
End Leads
Adjustable From 
.055 to .095 in
(1.40 to 2.41 mm)
.018 in
(0.46 mm )
.060 ± .025 in
(1.52 ± 0.64 mm)*
.045 ± .015 in
(1.14 ± 0.38 mm)
25° ± 15°
Window Opening Approximate 
Lead Length Lead Angle
.069 in (1.75 mm).060 in (1.52 mm)* 70 degrees
• Lead lengths of up to .060 in (1.52 mm) are dependent on the
diameter of the lead, lead material, and the size of the hole in the
workboard (PCB).
• A larger window opening = longer lead length and decreased angle.
• Minimum Opening = .060 in (1.5 mm)
• Clinch Head Height Adjustment affects lead length and angle.
• Lead angles, lengths and heights vary based on PC Board
– hole spacing
– hole diameters
– component lead diameters
– component lead material
– composition
– lead shape (round, square, or flat).
See Cutter Head Tooling in the General Specifications for more information


1. Power down the machine and perform Lockout/Tagout according to local procedures.
WARNING The machine must be powered down and the local Lockout/Tagout
procedure performed to ensure personal safety during this procedure.
2. Remove the 4 screws securing the cutter head to the clinch base and remove the cutter head from the machine.
3. Loosen socket set screw as shown below. The continuity gap (see VSL
T Continuity Gap Adjustment in this module) may have to be opened
in order to make this adjustment.
Cutter Forme


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