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Insertion Head Disassembly/Assembly Procedures

2023-02-09 17:51:22

Insertion Head Disassembly/Assembly Procedures
This section describes the required procedures for performing maintenance
on the insertion head. Refer to the Insertion Head Drawings section of the
Maintenance Support Document for complete assembly drawings. Refer to
these drawings for part ordering.
After the completion of maintenance procedures, refer to the maintenance
section within this module and complete the applicable setup and
Removal Of The Insertion Head Assembly
To remove the Insertion Head Assembly, proceed as follows.
1. Power down the machine and perform Lockout/Tagout according to
local procedures.
WARNING The machine must be powered down and the local Lockout/Tagout
procedure performed to ensure personal safety during this procedure.
2. Open the inserter front cover for access to the insertion head drive
3. Manually rotate the insertion head assembly 90 degrees clockwise.
4. Loosen the hex jam nut and set screw as shown below.
Shaft Clamp Set Screw
Tooling Pin
Hex Nut
Set Screw
5. Loosen the socket set screw and remove the tooling pin.

6. While holding the insertion head assembly, open the shaft clamp.
7. Slide the insertion head assembly toward the back of the machine until
the pusher is disengaged from the shaft.
8. Remove the insertion head assembly from the machine.
End of procedure
Disassembly Of The Insertion Head Assembly
To disassemble the insertion head assembly, proceed as follows.
1. Remove the cap screw and latch spring.
2. Remove the cap screws and top plate assembly.
3. Remove the actuator arm.
4. Remove the jaw guide assembly and the slide with the pusher tip

5. Remove the set screws, then remove the cap screws and block.
Jaw Guide Assembly
Pusher Tip Assembly
6. While taking care to prevent the spring from flying loose, slide the
actuator down and remove it from the jaw guide.
7. Remove the right jaw clamp, left jaw clamp and two compression
8. Push up and turn the tip clockwise to release it from the socket in the
pusher tip, then remove the tip and spring.
9. Center the pin in the slot by pushing the pusher tip into the pusher.
Hold it in this position.
10. Remove the pin from the pusher.
11. Remove the pusher tip and compression spring from the pusher.
12. Remove the compression spring from the pusher tip.

Assembly Procedure For The Insertion Head
To assemble the insertion head assembly, proceed as follows. Refer to the
illustrations on the pages that follow.
1. Lubricate with anderol and install pusher (1) into slide (12). Set aside.
2. Lubricate both cam surfaces on the slide actuator (6) with anderol.
3. Apply a light coat of anderol into the slot and both grooves of the jaw
guide (3).
4. Install the compression springs (2) into the jaw guide (3).
5. Install the right and left jaw clamps (4 and 5) over the springs and onto
the jaw guide. Hold the assembly together until the slide actuator (6) is
6. Install the slide actuator (6) over the jaw guide to secure the left and
right jaw clamps to the jaw guide.
7. Install the compression spring (7) by inserting the spring through the
opening between the slide actuator and the jaw guide.
8. Clean the threads and apply Loctite 242 to the cap screws.
9. Be careful not to separate the slide actuator from the jaw guide. Install
the jaw guide into the block (8).
10. While keeping the jaw guide in the block, install the cap screws (9) into
the block. Do not tighten the screws.
11. Install the dowel pin (15) into the block and jaw, then tighten the cap
screws (9). Check for movement from front to back.
12. Install the jaw guide assembly (3) into the housing.
13. Install the arm actuator (14) into the top plate assembly (10).
14. Install the slide (12) into the housing (11).
15. Install the top plate assembly (10) to the housing, (11) and secure with
cap screws (13).

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