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N Style Cutter Head Adjustment Purpose

2023-02-09 17:51:22


When properly adjusted, the N style cutter head assembly will perform more

efficiently over a longer period of time.

Types of N Style Cutter Heads:

• Short Lead

• Long Lead

• Std Lead


N Style Cutter Heads are not adjustable for:

• lead angle

• length

Specification variations are possible due to:

• P.C. board hole diameters

• P.C. board hole spacing

• component lead diameters

• component lead material composition

• component lead shape

Other considerations:

• cutter head height

• cutter head window openings (not adjustable)

 Refer to the machine xanax online General Specifications for more information.

If unknown, to determine the N Style cutter head used in this application

count the number of notches on the back edge of the tooling. All cutter

formers and anvils should have the same number of notches.

Radial Cutter Head, N Style

Long Lead

Radial Cutter Head, N Style

Std Lead

Radial Cutter Head, N Style

Short Lead

3x 0.060 inch (1.5





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