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Looking for a reliable stick feeder for your Juki, Samsung, Yamaha, or Fuji SMT chip mounter? Look no further than our high-quality stick feeders, designed to improve your production efficiency and accuracy. With easy installation and compatibility with multiple machine brands, our stick feeders are the perfect solution for your SMT assembly needs. Order now and experience the difference in performance! Keywords: stick feeder, Juki, Samsung, Yamaha, Fuji, SMT chip mounter, production efficiency, accuracy, installation, compatibility, assembly.


SAMSUNG Stick Feeder

  1. The operation rate of the machine is improved by the ability of stick feeder to operate continuously over an extended period.

  2. Unlike traditional stick feeders that rapidly vibrate up and down to feed components.

  3. This highly reliable feeding process significantly reduces time and money spent on operator assists and component waste

Key benefits


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Input channel4 Input Channel
Stick Width110mm
Overall size365 x 110 x 125 mm
Model CompatibleCP40 / CP45 / CP60 series

MT Vibration(STICK) FEEDER Features:

Using imported aluminum materials,the amplitude of the vibration strength can be adjusted,stable performance and easy operation.

Can supply three tubes,five tubes,and other IC material

Power supply:Online 24V/110V with external 220V three kinds

SMT vibration FEEDER include a variety of brands:



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16, [SMT_Odd_Bowl_feeder]( 

17, [SMT axial Radial feeder bank]( 

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20,  [SMT tube feeder dual track JUKI](

21,  [SMT Radial tape feeder with Y-cap]( 

22, [SMT radial tape feeder 4 capacitor A


23,[ Siemens_8mm feeder]( 

24, [Samsung Y cap Radial lead tape feeder](

25,[ JUKI RS-1_Vibration_tube_FEEDER_BANK](

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29, [Auto Tray n Tube stick feeder with Robot platform](

SMT Samsung stick feederSMT Samsung stick feeder

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