Customer site--a short line of laser marking machine (double-side engraved)-

Smart Factory!! Laser marking is where MES traces back from the workshop

Smart Factory!! Laser marking is where MES traces back from the workshop

Smart factories have developed rapidly in recent years. MES is a workshop-oriented production management technology and real-time information system. It is the basic technical means to implement enterprise intelligent manufacturing strategy and realize workshop production agility. It is in the middle part of the enterprise’s planning and control layer, namely the execution layer (workshop layer). Although the enterprise’s planning layer and control layer have made great progress in the operation, there are still some problems that can not be solved in the execution layer,like:

  1. When consumers complain about quality problems, can you trace all the production process information (laser marking machine carved directly on the product surface) according to the product number? Can you immediately identify its raw material supplier, operation position/personnel, the process and key process parameters?
  2. Can the quality information of every product in the workshop be counted and monitored in time? Can the quality inspection data of products be automatically counted and analyzed, and the random fluctuation and abnormal fluctuation of product quality can be distinguished accurately? So that the hidden quality removed at the first time.
  3. When the same production line needs to mix and assemble various types of products, can it automatically verify and prompt operation to prevent workers’assembly errors, product production process errors, product mixing and delivery errors? (The two-dimensional bar code of the product itself can be traced back to any assembly step of the product)
  4. What are the quantities of each product in upstream, current steam,downstream of current warehouse? Will be sell  to which distributor?When can it be delivered in time?
  5. How much time there are for producing  at the production line and processing equipment, and how much time does it stop and idle?
  6. Can the manual report be replaced by electronic reports and the production quantity, qualification rate and defect code of each process be automatically counted?
 Customer site--a short line of laser marking machine (double-side engraved)

Customer site–a short line of laser marking machine (double-side engraved)

ERP system(the planning level) is difficult to provide a perfect solution when faced with the above typical workshop management problems, so it is impossible to link up the ERP system and the field automation system. But MES can do that and delivers information to optimize the production process from placing orders to completing products.

Under producing activities, MES system can collects timely and correct data, and provide appropriate guidance, response then reporting to the decisioner. MES improves equipment recovery, punctual delivery, inventory turnover, marginal contribution and cash flow performance. MES provides the production information needed for two-way communication between enterprises and suppliers.

Main Characteristics of MES

  1. Suitable for diversified production processes, support multiple production lines, improve management efficiency, and can effectively arrange production on multiple production lines for each batch of work;
  2. Establish a perfect database, provide powerful query function, more complete and deeper information, can collect all information on the production line at any time and anywhere, including material and personnel production capacity, maintenance, etc.
  3. The function of error prevention in assembly line operation, preventing parts assembly errors and product production process errors in advance, and promptly remind operators to correct;
  4. Production data timely and correctly to integrate online
  5. Monitoring Production Line timely,and it is the best tool for quality assurance.
  6. Statistical analysis of maintenance data is convenient for knowledge management. The system can rank the top ten items for different types and different maintenance projects, so that maintenance personnel can get maintenance basis.
  7. Provides display for visual management. The panel displays the information of current workstation’s goal, accomplishment, rate of defect, difference and so on. The manager can timely understand the production and quality of the site, and realize real-time transparent production and management.

MES system is the bridge of manufacturing process information integration, which dispel the gap between enterprise planning layer and workshop process control system. MES helps enterprises to implement complete closed-loop production by emphasizing the overall optimization of manufacturing process, and also provides a good foundation for the construction of intelligent factories. Deeply understanding of MES, an advanced management idea, and better application of MES in workshop will bring infinite benefits to enterprises.

The role of 2D code in the whole production system can not be replaced, whether using label paper printing, ink jet printing or laser coding can be achieved. However, due to the increasing cost of production and the increasing automation requirements of modern enterprises, it is also a trend to realize unmanned operation. Laser marking machine is to realize the advantage of “zero consumables”, MES system and laser marking stand out. It has been widely used in SMT industry.

S-400 Laser marking machine-Built-in reversal system
S-400 Laser marking machine-Built-in reversal system



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