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SMT – PCB Cleaning – Brush Roller Single Type Machine

2023-02-09 17:51:24

PCB Cleaning machine SMT Professional Manufacturer PCB Cleaning Machine

SMT Professional Manufacturer PCB Cleaning Machine The product is suitable for use in automotive electronics, smart home products, communications electronics, consumer electronic product manufacturing process, to improve product reliability and to remove foreign bodies and electrostatic PCB surface PCB cleaner,nozzle cleaning machine,PCB Stencil cleaning machine, Printer Cleaning Machine,pneumatic Stencil cleaning machine,fully pneumatic washing machine Manufacturer

The necessity of the use of PCB cleaning machine

1. PCB board handling, posted barcode, parking process may cause the surface of the PCB sticky dirt and smudges.

2.PCB electrostatic precipitated PCB surface to attract dust.

3.SMT components will become smaller the original, small stains will likely affect the welding effect.

4.Some larger smudges may short out the solder joint or potential defects.

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Bottom brush central support system

Electrostatic elimination system

Brush and vacuum combination

Electrostatic roller and sticky paper combination

PCB board thickness adjustment system

Alarm system

Technical parameters:

Description PCB cleaning machine is brush roller single type cleaning machine.It is used between loader and printing machine,suitable for AI and SMT cleaning…
PCB thickness 0.4~5mm
Power source 1Ph 300W 220VAC 50/60Hz
Air supply Air inlet pipe zize 8mm
Cleaning sticky roller Upper*2
Sticky dust paper Upper*1 roll
Single side cleaning support One set of supporting frame
Brush Anti static、high density brush
Dust collection group Volume collect box
Speed 0~9m/min(Adjustable)
Antistatic device A set of inlet device and a set of outlet device.

Specification parameter:

Dimension(L*W*H) 840*560*1400
Track length 500mm
Track adjustable width 50-250mm
Track height 900±25mm(or customized)
Effective PCB size L400*W(50-250)
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Performance characteristics

Our newly developed automatic compound PCB cleaner mainly designed for (SMT) surface mount manufacturing process, suitable for PCB board after laser marking; solder paste printing or viscose coating before the fine line surface cleaning.
Fully automatic PCB cleaning machine brush cleaning, vacuum cleaning system, static elimination system and roller dust removal system.
Electrostatic elimination system (patented technology) The main elimination of residual PCB printing and patch components brought unpredictable consequences, due to electrostatic discharge on the main electrostatic sensitive components, Such as: IGBT, FET, blue and white backlight, LCD, chips and so on

Specialty Characteristics

Operating system completely independent development (patented technology), simple operation, with complete independent intellectual property rights. Guide for the customer upgrade and other services.
Electrostatic roller (patented technology), the first complete master of drum hardness, viscosity, electrostatic coefficient, coefficient of friction, gel density and other full set of technology manufacturers.
Unique patented design, to ensure that different processes of different thickness of the PCB board can pass.
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PCB Cleaning machine SMT Professional Manufacturer PCB Cleaning Machine

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