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The comparison of PCB double side laser marking approaches

2023-02-09 17:51:24

The comparison of PCB double side laser marking approaches

                     —built-in reversal system of laser marking machine

In SMT industry, the traceability of PCB contract manufacturer and  independent product are becoming more and more important, which leads to more and more attention from customers to the permanent mark. Nowadays Chinese enterprises that manufacture laser marking devices have owned different models,such as for double side engrave there have online-built-in reversal laser system and online-built-in up&down laser head.



Laser marking production line with PCB surface cleaner Laser marking production short line with PCB surface cleanerToday I am gonna talk about the comparison of these two approaches.

1,Laser marking machine with online-built-in reversal laser system


(1)Double-side MARK camera recognition system,

(2)Double-side 2D code reading function,

(3)A accurately marking position.

(4)Identical marking area for both two sides

(5)A good cleaning effect of marking process

(6)An excellent service lifetime


(1)Few seconds waiting time

(2)Requiring mechanical motion when turnover the PCB

S-400 Laser marking machine-Built-in reversal system
S-400 Laser marking machine-Built-in reversal system

2, Laser marking machine with built-in up&down laser head


(1)Up-side MARK Camera Recognition

(2)Up-side 2D code reading function

(3)A accurately marking position at up side

(4)A good cleaning effect of marking process

(5)Faster marking efficiency


(1)No MARK recognition at down side.

(2)No code reading function at down side

(3)Fixed laser head at down side,require mechanical positioning

(4)Limited marking area at down side

(5)Fell dust after engraving will damage laser head

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