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S-L680/S-H680 Automatic Optical Inspection Machine USER MANUAL
S-L680/S-H680 Automatic Optical Inspection Machine USER MANUAL
  • S-L680/S-H680 Automatic Optical Inspection Machine USER MANUAL
  • S-L680/S-H680 Automatic Optical Inspection Machine USER MANUAL



S-L680/S-H680 Automatic Optical Inspection Machines

User’s Manual 

Be sure to carefully read this manual before use * to ensure proper use of the product.


Thank you for choosing our Automation Optical Inspection (AOI). This professional equipment is mainly used to

check the mounting and welding quality, installation status and solder paste printing effect of the components on the SMT or

plug-in production line, and display the unqualified products through display terminal. It can also be used to inspect other

suitable hardware and plastic products.

When using AOI, please observe the following matters:

 Please read this Manual thoroughly and use it correctly on the basis of full understanding.

 A copy of this Manual is attached. Please keep it for reference at any time.

 This Manual contains relevant information on the mechanical structure, safety maintenance, AOI programming

and operation of this equipment, and is formulated for the personnel using this product.

 All information contained herein is subject to change without prior notice. The seller is not responsible for direct

or indirect losses caused by manual changes.


Please move the equipment with effective packaging materials and power protection.

Failure to take appropriate safety measures may result in personal injury.

This equipment complies with the wireless interference prevention standards of

industrial/commercial area. Use of this equipment in the vicinity of residential areas may

cause interference to the signals received by radio or television and may affect the

functions of medical equipment. Please use it correctly according to the instructions in

this Manual.

Do not operate the equipment in a place without protection device, and do not ignore the

safety regulations, warnings and precautions. Otherwise, personal injuries may be caused.

It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with the lid open. Otherwise, personal

injuries may be caused.

When maintaining the equipment, please disconnect the power supply of the equipment

before starting the operation. Otherwise, personal injuries may be caused.


Please read this user manual carefully before operating this equipment, remember Caution

Do not install this equipment in the vicinity electromagnetic interference source

Do not modify the electric box of hardware and software programs, the transformation in


please keep this manual press the manual requires maintenance of equipment

Although the contents of this manual are correct, please contact us if you find any doubts or errors.



1.1 Overview              

1.2 Technical Data

Chapter 1 Introduction


1.1               Overview

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) is composed of workbench, camera system, electromechanical control and system software.

This machine features:

  1. A variety of calculation methods to ensure accurate detection results,

high detection,low false positives.

  1. RGB three primary color light source enhanced detection effect

  2. Programming and debugging methods are simple, one-click frame,

quick debugging


Technical Parameters







Applicable process

Solder paste before and after SMT reflow, before and after DIP wave soldering
Programming modeManuor ,auto written,CAD data import automatic corresponding component library
Detection typeSolder paste printing: presence, offset, less tin, more tin, 

open circuit,even tin, pollution,scratches, etc.

Defects in parts:missing parts, multiple pieces, offsets, 

skews, tombstones,sideways, flips,wrong parts,breakage,reverse,etc.

Solder joint defects:more tin,solder,tin,solder balls, 

glue,pins not exposed,copper foil contamination.

Calculation methodColor calculation, color extraction,grayscale calculation, image contrast, etc.
Detection modeOptimized inspection technology covering the entire board,

jigsaw and multi-mark, including Bad mark function

SPC Statistical functionRecord test data and perform statistics and analysis throughout, 

and view production status and quality analysis in any area

Component angleSupport 0~359° rotation, minimum 1°angular distance 
Mini Component15um/Pixel:01005 chip、0.3 pitch IC


Camera Full color high speed industrial digital camera
Lens resolution10um/15um/18um/20um/25um
Light source Ring stereo multi-channel color light, depending on 

application selection RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR

Computer CPUIntel core 
OSWin XP 32bit
Monitor22 inches(Top door),16:1022 inches,16:10


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