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Comparative Matrix of Universal Radial 8 & the Panasonic RHS and RH III

2023-02-09 17:51:22








Insertion Rate

16,000/Hour Constant Speed 14,400 Maximum  10,000 Maximum   (Speed slows depending on component type.)

4 Axis Insertion

Yes, by rotating insertion head and/or table.  Head rotates in three directions; -90, 0, and +90 degrees. Yes, the insertion head can rotate in four directions; 0, -90, +90, and 180 degrees. Yes, but optional.(Standard Only)

0, 90 Degrees by Head

Rotary Table

Yes, 90 and 180 Degree Increments No – Head Rotates 3600 No

Insertion Span

2.5/5.0mm Dual Span2.5/5.0/7.5 or 5.0/7.5/10.0 Triple Span 2.5/5.0mm 2.5/5.0mm
Maximum Body Diameter/Height (Height from center of feedhole to top of component.) 13.0mm/38.5mm 13mm/38mm 13mm/38mm
Board Handling Transfer Time 3.5 seconds with BHS. “About 3 seconds” Approximately 4.5 to 6 seconds.

Maximum Board Size

457 x 508mm (NPT)406 x 457mm (PT) 381mm x 508mm 508mm x 381mm (NM 8225 A,B,C) 330mm x 250mm (NM 8224 A,B,C)

Part Transfer Method

Sequencer Sequencer Shuttle

Number of Input Stations

20, 40, 60, 80, 100 80 40, 62 (Single Shuttle)80 (Dual Shuttle)

Component Taping Pitch

12.7/15/25.4**/30mm** 12.7/15.0mm 12.7/15.0mm
Odd Form Component Insertion Yes, at a constant rate of speed Yes, but at a derated insertion speed, dependent on component shape/size. Yes, but at a derated insertion speed,  dependent on component shape/size.


Yes, value polarity. No No

Board Error Correction

Yes, Standard Yes Yes

Low Part Warning

Yes, Standard No No

Insertion Density

Tooling effects footprint .5mm on all sides–use of guide pins allows for same insertion density capabilities regardless of component

Auto Recovery

Yes – Semi-Automatic Yes – Interrupt Recovery Enabled (Automatic supply recovery function) Yes – Fully Automatic

Component Replenishment

Any disp. Head location can be spliced w/o stopping the machine.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Standard.  When the UPS detects a power interruption, it’s fully –charged battery can run the machine for up to 10 minutes. No No


English is the main language, however Chinese is available for event messages Japanese/Chinese Japanese/Chinese

Optical Safety Device

Yes, Optional Yes Yes
Machine Dimensions 20 Input Stations:W = 80 Inches (2032mm)

D = 115 Inches (2921mm)

H = 66 Inches (1676mm)


100 Input Stations:

W = 253 Inches (6426mm)

D = 115 Inches (2921mm)

H = 66 Inches (1676mm)

80 Input Stations:W =Inches (3125mm)

D = Inches (2210mm)

H = Inches (1560mm)

40 Input Stations:W = 151.97 Inches (3860mm)

D = 62.6 Inches (1590mm)

H = 63 Inches (1600mm)


62 Input Stations:

W = 168.5 Inches (4280mm)

D = 65.74 Inches (1670mm)


80 Input Stations:

W = 203.1 (5160mm)

D = 83.0 (2110mm)


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