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Panasonic Auto Recovery vs. Universal’s Auto Recovery

2023-02-09 17:51:22


Fact Both the UIC Radial 8 and Panasonic RH III and RHS feature auto recovery capability; the TDK VC7C does not.  The TDK VC-21S does have auto recovery, but its full capability is still unknown.
Fact The Panasonic RH III auto recovery is faster than the Radial 8 auto recovery because the RH III is a shuttle based machine with random access capability, while the Radial 8 has pre-sequenced components that must be left on the sequencer chain.


The Panasonic RHS is a sequencer.  However, the sequencer moves in either direction and more quickly when auto recovery is invoked.  The RHS auto recovery is possible in 8 –10 seconds for an 80 station machine.

Fact The UIC Radial 8 with a machine speed of 16,000 CPH is 9% faster than an RHS with a machine speed of 14,400 CPH.
Fact The Radial 8 and RHS both offer reliable insertions and low PPM levels.
Fact The Radial 8 offers 3 modes of Auto Recovery:

¨      Auto Recovery Disabled

¨      Active Auto Recovery: Upon a misinsertion, the chain will cycle for a new component, stop at the head, and wait for the operator to clear the board and push Repair.

¨      Passive Auto Recovery: Upon a misinsertion, the machine will stop, wait for the operator to clear the board and push Repair before cycling the chain to retrieve a new component.

Conclusion Universal Radial 8's Auto recovery is not advantageous on a Manual Load machine.  However, in an Automatic Board Handling environment, Universal’s 3 modes of Auto Recovery provide the flexibility that manufacturers need to maintain their production flow and level of quality.



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