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Triple line to Dual rail oven layout

How to design SMT factory layout for Smart EMS



How SMT workshop planning? It turned out to be so useful.

How SMT workshop planning!

And only after the plant began production found that some areas have not planned beforehand, need to be adjusted, resulting in a waste of human and financial resources and valuable production time.

Therefore, it is important to check in advance SMT factory layout, especially for new SMT factory business, because there is no experience in SMT plant layout, the need to pay attention to the elements is not very clear, if we find a problem in the layout after production point, will cause some unnecessary losses.

So, when doing layout SMT plant, what to pay attention to what matters in advance to do to prepare? Here actual cases where we work to and we explore this problem.


planning SMT line configure

the client recent planning new on two identical SMT production line, specific device configuration (see FIG. 1) and the size of the apparatus is as follows: According to Figure 1 can be seen, the maximum width of the production line equipment is 1.71 m, the length of all devices sum is 13.6 meters, will add future planning a production line (line bulk on equipment configuration).

Situation Workshop

Workshop length 36 m, width of 12 m, an area of 432 m2, on the ground floor of the factory. Currently common ground for the shop floor, and no established anti-static system, can not meet the requirements of SMT antistatic workshop, but two conductive ground terminals, can establish subsequent workshops antistatic SMT system. Further, there is no air conditioning workshop and humidifiers, can not meet the requirements of SMT workshop temperature and humidity control. There workshop ventilation system, back to meet the requirements of the reflow furnace equipment. Workshop sufficient power to meet the electricity needs of all equipment in the workshop. There are two entrances whole plant, as are required to meet the equipment, raw materials and semi-finished channel. Special materials warehouse in another workshop, the need for planning. Good lighting conditions in the workshop, to meet the brightness of the SMT shop lighting requirements all stations. Whole plant layout situation shown in Figure 2.

Customer requirements

1, the current new move into production lines and related aids, regional positioning;

2, the whole plant to meet future erection and production requirements three production lines, without planning zone realignment;

3, each production line starting position as consistent as possible, so that the whole plant orderly arranged in three lines.

Subject  of

analysisthe customer’s request, we first analyzed how the production line positioning; and before locating the production line, we consider the following points:

1, SMT equipment should avoid column and they maintain a certain distance, the distance is equipment installed at least after a good feed material by a vehicle;

2, SMT crossing equipment required for frame division pitch, and the crossing equipment to extend outwardly after the device installed above the material 50 cm;

3, optimal spacing of the two lines spaced more than 1.2 meters between the outer frame;

4, check the wire tail is generally a repair plan area, quality control personnel can perform sampling line tail region.

Based on the above considerations, the length of each line should be at least 13.6 meters (without regard to the maintenance area and the tail, the case where the sampling area and the thread area kanban), the width should be 2.7 meters (SMT feeding both surfaces), specifically as shown in Figure 3.

Therefore, the production line is positioned in substantially considering plant shown in FIG. 4.

Some details of the requirements of SMT plant layout

after determining the approximate location of the production line, when the need to consider some details of SMT production line requirements, and then to determine the exact location and the location of other auxiliary equipment SMT line.

First, we analyzed the SMT line position and aids required for each area requirements: 1, fire extinguisher drop zone;

fire extinguishers to be placed around the side of the post and SMT plant, placed according to the requirements of fire regulations.

2, the car rack placement region; car rack replacement for SMT production line models and switching material, in order to facilitate production and to improve the efficiency of replacement materials, preferably the vehicle is placed near the rack placement machine.

3, stock units rest area;

stock table mainly used in the production process and dryer materials stock preparation before switching, therefore, to be placed near the preparation station placement machine, and the best car rack together, Preparation facilitates directly on the car frame after a good feed material.

4, the shelf rest area printing station;

printing station for positioning the shelf aids in the production of printing presses, such as wipes, paste, alcohol, etc., to be placed in the vicinity of the printing press to facilitate removal use, improve Productivity.

5, placing solder paste regions;

region comprising placing solder paste storage refrigerator, solder paste mixer, paste warmed cabinets, can be placed next to the plant as required or uprights placed around a fixed area of the plant, However, to facilitate the operator to take place.

6, visual inspection after the furnace area, maintenance area;

in order to facilitate visual inspection after reflow and rework semifinished product, a shelf generally placed in the furnace, designed for the visual inspection of the furnace and rework.

7, screen placement area;

drop zone comprises a mesh screen plate was placed cabinet, stencil cleaning machine, inspection tools, screen, stencil for storing, cleaning and inspection screen tension, etc., while in the region as much as possible to facilitate the production screen to take place.

8, garbage drop zone;

Production waste mainly from two parts, wipes and the like used in one printing operation, the second is to replace the waste tray and waste material produced with the like. Garbage two parts is generated to be placed separately, specialized recycling, in particular waste presses used. Thus, waste area may be placed next to the press machine or patch, or set beside the column region refuse placed separately placed.

9, kanban placement region;

kanban including the SMT billboards and other signage quality management, may be centrally located on the entrance into the shop, and also set up the production line Kanban state in which each head of the line, in order to view the producers and managers, promptly understand the current state of production status and quality SMT workshop and so on.

10, product placement area;

include products produced finished products in two parts, to separate the two partial regions divided out, strictly distinguished, in order to avoid confusion.

11, SMT placement of spare areas;

Nozzle including the SMT spare parts, a motor, a belt, cylinder or the like, to be placed in a special area, to facilitate the production of access.

12, location area temperature and humidity;

temperature and humidity conditions in order to better understand the SMT plant, depending on the size of the workshop area, several appropriately set the temperature and humidity measurement area, generally placed on the production line next to the column or wall.

13, SMT workshop office area;

let engineers and technicians and management personnel in office SMT shop floor, which can solve the problem on technology and management encountered in the production, to ensure the smooth operation of the SMT production lines.

14, anti-static protection area;

entry into SMT workshop area must have good anti-static measures. You may delineate the area in front of the plant, including the replacement of static clothing, shoes, hats and so on each employee’s locker. Also, the establishment of regional designed to test the static ring in SMT workshop at the entrance, so that each employee to do static loop testing and record test results before going to work. Based on the above analysis, the results of this SMT plant layout is shown in Figure 5.

In addition, SMT workshop also meet other requirements: 1, anti-static processing;

shop floor must be anti-static treatment, a common anti-static conductive flooring and paint and other ordinary places, customers can choose according to the actual situation. In addition, anti-static system must be set up in the workshop, to meet the requirements of the entire anti-static SMT workshop.

2, air-conditioning and a humidifier; SMT workshop to meet the requirements of temperature and humidity control.

3, the material management requirements;

in the warehouse, with particular attention to the way the material is stored, reel packaging methods, the use of hook-type place, wetting elements employed Cabinets for placement shelves to be treated with anti-static manner.

4, patch equipment gas and electrical circuitry;

preferably introduced directly from the production line at the down side of the roof, is arranged below the gas passage in the device and circuit wrapped with wire groove.

5, the ventilation system requirements;

needs to be installed to meet the requirements of the three power lines of the blower, and the third exhaust port reserved line.


1, according to the size of production line and the size of the entire plant SMT, completed the reasonable position of the production line; and

2, for aids, regions, etc. SMT production lines need to make the corresponding position location; 3, according to the SMT the characteristics of the plant, some of the necessary factors to consider in planning, in particular, anti-static; 4, in accordance with the requirements of the current situation and future development of the factory has been take into consideration, unified planning.


For SMT plant layout, but also requires a combination of size and product requirements and other plants to consider a number of factors, but to stimulate here.


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UIC spare parts 25584001 Electronic manufacturing.PCB.PCB Assembly THT-Through Hole Technology:AI, Auto Insertion : Axial Inserter; Radial Inserter; JW (Jumper Wire) Inserter; Odd form Inserter; PIN inserter; Eyelet Inserter; Terminal Inserter IM, Insertion Mount,MI,Manual Insertion, DIP, Wave soldering . SMT - Souface Mount Technology:BHS: PCB board handling system, Loader, Unloader, Conveyor,Shuttle.Printer: Solder paste screen printerSPI: Solder Paste Inspection.Mounter: Chip Mounter, Pick and Place, IC Mounter, High Speed Mounter.AOI.Reflow Oven.LED:LED lighting, LED Lamp, LED Display, LED tube.Power Supply: UPS, Power Converter, Power Adepter, Mobile Charger,CAR Electronic: Car Audio, GPS.Home appliance: Induction Cooker, AC, Electric Cooker, Fan, TV, Settle Box, AI:Panasert, Panasonic, Universal, UIC, Dynapert, TDK, Sciencgo, Hanasert, Universal, UIC SMT:FUJI.Siemens,Panasonic,Universal,Assemblon,JUki, Yamaha,Samsung,

UIC 25584001 JW Feed Wheel


UIC spare parts 25584001 Electronic manufacturing.PCB.PCB Assembly THT-Through Hole Technology:AI, Auto Insertion : Axial Inserter; Radial Inserter; JW (Jumper Wire) Inserter; Odd form Inserter; PIN inserter; Eyelet Inserter; Terminal Inserter IM, Insertion Mount,MI,Manual Insertion, DIP, Wave soldering . SMT - Souface Mount Technology:BHS: PCB board handling system, Loader, Unloader, Conveyor,Shuttle.Printer: Solder paste screen printerSPI: Solder Paste Inspection.Mounter: Chip Mounter, Pick and Place, IC Mounter, High Speed Mounter.AOI.Reflow Oven.LED:LED lighting, LED Lamp, LED Display, LED tube.Power Supply: UPS, Power Converter, Power Adepter, Mobile Charger,CAR Electronic: Car Audio, GPS.Home appliance: Induction Cooker, AC, Electric Cooker, Fan, TV, Settle Box, AI:Panasert, Panasonic, Universal, UIC, Dynapert, TDK, Sciencgo, Hanasert, Universal, UIC SMT:FUJI.Siemens,Panasonic,Universal,Assemblon,JUki, Yamaha,Samsung,
UIC 25584001 JW Feed Wheel
40075420 O-RING
47636701 COUPLING
80031922 MSDP 1.5MM X 8MM
53069001 MSHCS M2 X 10MM
 BLKM06303 RET RING 5100-12
 47631004 CAM,30/135 CENTERING
 46442715 BELT,TIMING
23502002 PAD
40075420 O-RING
40520201  GO-RINGS
30953801   PIN
30997611   PUSHER
42502304   HOLDER #44Ñ PUSHER TIP
42502403    ACTUATOR ARM
52344901     GUIDE JAW
45729304     RED
47356403      BLACK
47356404      BLUE
47356405       BEIGE
40833022      FUSE
BLKE01244    FUSE
BLKE01241     FUSE
BLKE01251    FUSE
BLKE01234    FUSE


CAD Files Page

New Release — Free CAD Files Library

Announcing -- CAD Files Library

CAD Files Page

We are working to make it easier for you to request a CAD file at Just visit our new and growing library of CAD files for you to download or click "Request a CAD file" and we will deliver the file you are looking for. We aim to help the world elevate to a more educated level of EMS planning and production. This is our step to help you with the best product planning and development. Let our expertise guide your production to maximum efficiency and ROI.

We currently have Gerber files for free download on microcontrollers, mobile chargers, power supply controllers, and more! Don't see what you need? Just ask for it, we've got you covered!

CAD Files

The First Reed Switch Auto Insertion Machine in the World Hits the Market

The First Reed Switch Auto Insertion Machine in the World Hits the Market

Reed Switches, or Herkons, are extremely useful for many electronic applications. Reed Switches work by means of magnetism in reed relays and for electrical circuit control. In the presence of a magnetic field the reed will either open or close, depending on it’s original positioning and purpose. They are extremely useful as they are hermetically sealed and can operate in almost any environment.

Made for highly reliable switching, major advantages to Reed Switches include their capability for low contact resistance, do not require a supply current, offer non-touch switching, no minimum switching current necessary for them to function, except for Tungsten contact materials. In addition, Reed Switches are highly economical, suitable for many harsh environments, and deliver billions of operations throughout their lifetime.

Common applications for Reed Switches include gear speed and direction sensing, window and door sensors for security alarms, bridge operator controls in airplane docking, safety vane sensor applications, high voltage relays in the power industry, fuel pumping stations sensors, ferrous part detection, and hibernation mode sensing when laptops are closed. There are many more growing applications for the very useful Reed Switch.

Reed Switch insertion into PCBs have historically been conducted by means of manual labor, by hand. As Auto Insertion mechanisms have advanced, there are new technologies on the market that can accommodate these highly useful switches via automated machines. Through Hole Technologies (THT) have advanced to now offer mechanized equipment to automate an assembly line that requires Reed Switch insertion. The first ever Reed Switch Machine is now available on the market for production assembly and auto insertion uses. This will make electronic products requiring Reed Switches easier to produce, faster, and more affordable for an entire manufacturing production.

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The Continual Rise in LED Manufacturing

Pick & Place for LED SMT Manufacturing

The S-320 Machine is low cost and thoroughly fulfills LED Manufacturing Requirements. We use high grade, imported parts for the S-320 that both prolong the life of the machine and also lowers costs. We make the best manufacturing decisions that save you time and costs when developing your LED Assembly Line.

The Rise in LED.

The Continual Rise in LED Manufacturing

According to Google Trends Ranking, when comparing popular lighting source search trends it is clear that LED is the powerhouse lighting source. The expansive reach and use of LEDs in today’s tech world make it almost unfair to compare it to other lighting sources but we’ve done it anyway.

Below is a graph that displays the overwhelming rise in rank of LEDs since 2004, especially compared to it’s CFL and Incandescent counterparts. Data was collected from Google Search Trends comparison of three lighting sources as a general topic i.e. LED as a general search topic and all related search terms, CFLs as a general search topic with related search terms, and incandescent lighting as a general search topic with related search terms. Click here to see what countries rank highest for the interest in LEDs.


Google Search Trend Rating for 3 Lighting Sources

Google Trends for LEDs

Full Line SMT Equipment for LED Production

Southern Machinery has over 20 years of experience, carefully designing your customized tailor-made SMT machines to fit your production. Investing in a customized FULL SMT line for your LED manufacturing will improve your quality, productivity, and reliability.

What we provide:
Full LED solutions tailored to your product
Core technology with our equipment
Highly skilled and professional tech service
Deep experience in LED factory setup
All Solutions to your LED Assembly for Quality and best ROI

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Free Gerber File Download

Attention PCB Design Engineers:

For a brief time, we will be giving away a FREE Gerber File. Gerber File Download

For the first time, Southern Machinery is giving away a FREE Gerber File! If you need help with your design process, we are gladly here to help. Let us make your manufacturing set-up easy and efficient.

We at Southern Machinery know and understand what is needed for a successful PCB Assembly. If you need guidance with design, CAD, equipment configuration, training, just ask! Southern Machinery is not just a place to buy machines, but also a place to get your technical questions answered. So ask us! We want to help you find your PCBA solutions.

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April 2017 - Free Shipping on Spare Part Orders exceeding $1000

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THT Thriving in Specialized Music Industry

THT Thriving in the Pro-Audio Industry

NAMM Show 2017

NAMM THT Music Industry Odd-form automation machines PCB Boards

While in attendance at the 2017 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show last month we found one thing to be true… THT Equipment is far from dead. The music industry continues to require robust and durable components for high quality and heavy duty gear. GEAR, GEAR, GEAR! And the better the gear the more likely THT was involved in the assembly. Proving that THT is not just surviving but thriving in our high-tech world.

But there are many missing links! Many of these specialty components are still placed by hand and many more are still IMPORTED. Opportunities abound for manufacturers to bring all assembly, quality control, and profits back home. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to being #1 in any product category but costs sometimes hold back some manufacturers. According to Joel Menchey, Menchey Music Service, import costs for audio manufacturers are the highest of all costs. This doesn’t have to be so.

We at Southern Machinery have the solutions to lower costs and improve your manufacturing assembly quality! Our S-600-OF Through-hole & Surface Mounting Multifunction Machine paves the way to incorporate THT with SMT technologies. We can help you design the exact machine for your needs, ordered to spec. It’s a simple conversation for a huge shift in ideology and savings.

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THT Music Industry Odd-form automation machines PCB Boards


  • Six pick-up heads.
  • Practical placement speed to 18,000 cph.
  • Huge Component Range: places SMDs from 0402 to 15 mm x 15 mm, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes/
    audion , IC, SOTs, SOPs, QFPs and CSPs, and THT components.
  • Feeder racks can accommodate a mix of tape feeders and IC tube/stick feeders or 5 THT components feeder.
  • Teaching/fiducial recognition camera for easy programming & operation
  • Customized nozzles available.
  • Bottom fixed-camera vision system for fast, accurate alignment.
  • Ball screw drive and heavy-duty, uni-body construction ensure smooth, high-speed movement and high accuracy and repeatability.
  • SMEMA-compatible inline
SPECIFICATIONS:Placement Specifications
Number of Placement Heads 6
Maximum Placement Speed 25,000 cph
Average Practical Placement Speed 18,000 cph
Placement Accuracy ±0.05 (0.002″)
Minimum SMD Size 1.02 mm × 0.51 mm (0.04 in × 0.02 in)
Maximum SMD Size 15 mm × 15 mm × 10 mm (0.59” × 0.59” × 0.39“)
Alignment Method Bottom vision standard
Capability for SMDs LEDs, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Audion,
Transistors, SOTs, SOPs, QFP,s QFNs, CSPs
Pick Up Specifications
Negative Pressure Detection Yes
Components Shortage Alarm Yes
Board Handling Specifications
Board Loading Method Inline Conveyor
Maximum Board Length 400 mm (31.5“) standard
Maximum Board Width 360 mm (17.2“)
Minimum Board Length 50 mm (1.97”)
Minimum Board Width 50 mm (1.97”)
Board Thickness 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm (0.02” to 0.12″)
Fiducial Recognition/ Yes
Coordinate Correction
Feeder Capacity
Feeder Type Pneumatic
Maximum No. of Feeder Ports 30 Or 5 THT components Feeders.
Tape Feeder Sizes 8, 12, 16 and 24 mm
Operating System Windows XP
PC, Keyboard, Mouse Yes
Monitor Flat LCD
Programming Camera Yes
Numeric Data Entry Yes
CSV Import Yes
Step and Repeat for Matrix Boards Yes
Mechanical Specifications
X Axis Drive Mechanism Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail
X Axis Drive Motor AC Servo
Y Axis Drive Mechanism Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail
Y Axis Drive Motor AC Servo
Conveyor Drive Mechanism Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail
Conveyor Drive Motor AC Servo
Transmission Drive Mechanism Belt
Transmission Drive Motor DC Stepper
Z Axis Drive Mechanism Belt
Z Axis Drive Motor DC Stepper
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.005 mm (0.0002“)
Z Axis Resolution 0.005 mm (0.0002“)
T Axis Range of Motion 360°
Physical Specifications
Overall Dimensions 1300 mm x 1380 mm x 1410 mm (51.2” x 54.3” x 55.5“)
(L x W x H)
Approximate Net Weight 1000 Kg
Facility Requirements
Standard Voltage 220 V – Single Phase, 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.6MPa (6.1kgf/cm2)
Service and Support
Remote Diagnostics On-line
Warranty 1 Year







Ensuring the Best Design for Final PCB Production Stage with Testing!

Ensuring the Best Design for Final PCB Production Stage with Testing! Ensuring the Best Design for Final PCB Production Stage with Testing!

Avoiding Design Mistakes with Testing

Improve EMS Productivity by Testing Early

PC Board errors are a drain to EMS productivity. Through analysis and testing PCBs in the pilot stages, a smoother and more educated production set-up can be achieved. By performing automatic impedance measurements and testing of components (chip resistors and capacitors) early on, you can ensure the best design for production.

We recommend applying the best design logics when creating your PCB layout and Test, Test, Test for maximum efficiency and output. According to Circuits Assembly’s December 2016 Magazine, here is the list of 5 Most Common PCB Design Mistakes: “1. The components do not suit the production technology 2. Thermal imbalance 3. Incompatibility between fabrication and assembly technology 4. Component placement at PCB edge 5. Placing fiducials on the PCB’s edge.”

Once you have planned your PC Board with best practices, Southern Machinery’s High-Speed In-line Circuit Board Test Machine will help with testing by incorporating a visual inspection function which allows mounting status checks on each component (e.g.: typo descriptions in alphanumeric characters, orientation, size) on the operator’s monitor will serve to best analyze testing up close. As well as automatically generating test data from mounting data and component list.

Pneumatic stencil cleaner replaces manual cleaning step by step

SMT PCBA,Stencil cleaner

S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner

Truly Automatic

For cleaning various stencils and misprinted PCBs, the combination of features offered by our S-1688 make it a unique, truly automatic cleaner. The threshold for usefulness of automation is allowing the operator to walk away from the process without worry. Stencil cleaners that require manual positioning and movement of stencils require attention from experienced operators to ensure consistent cleaning.

pneumatic stencil cleaner

S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner

Economic and Environmental

No-rinse, aqueous cleaning agents for 100% closed loop process, for conformity to present and future economic and environmental operating requirements.The operator can start the cycle and walk away from the cleaning operation. Also, its compact footprint, integrated castors, and trivial connection requirements-its only connection is to a 240 volt outlet, with no water or drainage requirements-make it very flexible.

Pnumatic stencil cleaner

S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner

Frees the Operator

S-1688 frees the operator by combining a specifically shaped ultrasonic cleaning chamber, continuous filtering of the cleaning bath, automatic indication of liquid level and filter status, and an automatic loading/unloading of the stencil. Its integrated loading arm ensures that every stencil is position precisely the same way in the cleaning tank, and that it is withdrawn from the cleaning chemistry as soon as the cycle is finished. Its filtration system continuously removes soils from the cleaning liquid, often maintaining the cleaning effectiveness of the medium for a year or longer (depending on usage, of course)

S-1688 stencil cleaner

S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner

Efficient, Fast, Safe

Pneumatic design of stencil cleaning machine adopts full pneumatic control wash, to clean the stencil type circuit board, can effectively remove the solder paste and flux residue driven by the pneumatic logic control and efficient, fast, safe is cleaning the stencil current and recommended method, using rotating efficient atomization spray arms, four heavy solution filtration cycle use, simple maintenance, all stainless steel body, guarantee the life span.Adjust the appropriate screen hanging rack, move to clean items to center position, can be carried out on the screen or circuit board cleaning.

S-1688 Pneumatic stencil cleaner

  • Complete pneumatic operation without any fire risk
  • Equipment is ergonomically in designed
  • Cleaning and drying process is a simple one-button operation
  • Patented nozzle precision design ensure high cleaning process
  • Interior special design for better effect on rinsing and drying
  • Stencil tension is not affected during the cleaning process
  • Auto liquid feeding and draining system
    our levels filtering system with precise exhaust design and control
  • Liquid can be recycled which results in lower solvent consumption
  • Internationally recognized critical components are used to ensure
    long-term quality and reliability
  • Modular design to ensure easy maintenance
  • Solder paste and glue will adhere to the stencil hole during printing process
  • Manual cleaning is not effective in removing the solder paste deposit. Solidified and hardened deposits can cause the stencil mesh to deform
  • The printing quality will be adversely affected if the stencil is used
    without proper cleaning
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Pnumatic stencil cleaner packing
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner





line SMT

What is First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection overview

Before the manufacturing course begins, business necessities require an in depth verification and comparability of product design vs. manufacturing outcomes, often called First Article Inspection (FAI). Frequently used within the aerospace, medical electronics and automotive industries, FAI studies have gotten an ordinary course of to make sure high quality and consistency of the ultimate product is in order. Although conducting FAI could be advanced, technological developments and person pleasant software programs have allowed customers to implement and execute this course of shortly and precisely.

What is First Article Inspection?

As an official authentication technique for production, FAI intention is to overview and authorize dimensional studies. FAI stories make the most of dimensional properties of a manufacturing like design specs, to make sure of consistency or uncover any deviations. This inspection ensures reliability and repeatability of the manufacturing course, in addition to making certain the producer’s capability to provide elements in accordance with specifications.


What is the aim of FAI?

The goal of a FAI report outlined below:

  1. The FAI report supplies a tenet for goal affirmation that every engineering design and specification is appropriately understood, accounted for, verified and documented.
  2. Ensure the manufacturing course of action is dependable, repeatable and constant
  3. Develops a transparent understanding and communication outlet between purchaser and provider.
  4. Verify the accuracy of drawings, making certain that each adjustments made to any part of the designs are accounted for.
  5. Validate all tooling used for production, guaranteeing the instruments’ capabilities to supply all required elements at defined and accepted speed.
  6. Ensure manufacturing course is succesful and might meets the entiretly of all manufacturing needs.

When is FAI report crucial?

FAI studies are crucial when any of the following occur:

  • A change in design which may probably have an effect on match, kind or operation
  • A change in manufacturing supply, course of action, inspection technique, location of producer, tooling or supplies
  • A change to a special media program that will likely have an effect on match, kind or performance
  • Production has not been executed for 2 years or more (or as specified by buyer)

FAI Benefits

Before proceeding with manufacturing elements, FAI studies will be helpful in figuring out whether or not a production course of action is able to deliver elements constantly within design parameters. Furthermore, FAI studies present construction between buyer and provider for understanding and verifying the final mission necessities. FAI additionally assists buyer and provider with communications and help to avoid future miscommunication. This course of action additionally ensures that you will be using the precise supplies and instruments, offering an efficient initiative for the anticipated outcomes for manufacturing.

Full FAI vs. Partial FAI

A full FAI requires that each field has been accounted for.  With a partial FAI report, any subject missed will affect the FAI sucess. In regards to any excellent fields, they might be crammed out at a later date or utilizing earlier knowledge, on condition that it applies to the precise traits of duplicate elements produced by the identical manufacturing course of action.

FAI Planning

Before the primary manufacturing beings to run elements, many components have to be accounted for with the intention to execute FAI planning, which generally embrace the following:

Records for the manufacturing course of action– manage actions to be executed all through FAI course of and accountable suppliers/organizations.

Ensure authorized  materials sources, laboratory and relevant manufacturing, planning, routing and buying are in accordance with the specifications.


USA IPC APEX EXPO 2016 exhibition













Welcome to visit our booth No. :#2930 in USA IPC APEX EXPO (Mar. 15th-Mar17, 2016)

ETA and Southern will attend the USA IPC APEX EXPO 2016 exhibition to share the industry’s top feast.You are warmly welcome to visit our booth No. :#2930 in USA IPC APEX EXPO (Mar. 15th-Mar17, 2016)

As the industry’s leading manufacturers, Wewould show our latest T-series lead-free reflow oven and at the same time, we will Strongly recommended Strongly recommended our Odd Form machines

in USA IPC APEX EXPO 2016 exhibition.This is unique machine in China now. It refreshes the traditional perception of reflow oven.

We are the professional manufacturer of reflow oven and offer full SMT solutions for customers. We have more than 20 years experience and technology in SMT filed. The most professional term and the best service are waiting for you. Our goal is to provide the reliable full SMT solutions to all the customers around the world.

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