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Combating COVID-19 : X200A Door Frame Infrared Sensor Temperature Detector

2023-02-09 17:51:24

We newly developed Walk through temperature detector X200A, FOB Shenzhen price $2500.00 (one month salary of one security staff), lead-time: 2 weeks

This product has a huge demand in both Chinese market and international market at this special period to screen people with fever to contain COVID-19 disease spread out at all public place like SMT factory, shopping mall, school, hospital, train station, government office, office building and so on.

It can quickly identify abnormal body temperature and help you avoid the risk of infection.
Because monitoring body temperature is the fastest & simplest method to judge whether people were infected.
This device can bring you a sense of security. Please check the attached video.

1. The device can set the temperature range, when the detected body temperature exceeds 37 degrees, it will automatically alarm

2. From daily data record of detected people, the number of abnormal body temperature will be displayed in real time on the device

3. Simple installation and operation, Fast application.Can be applied to factories, shopping malls, and other places with large crowd.

Do let me know if you need further support.

Frame Infrared Sensor Temperature Detector.mp4
X200A Door Frame Infrared Sensor Temperature Detector.pdf

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