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Inline auto insertion supporting Smart Factory

2023-02-09 17:51:24

The Radial automatic Insertion machine has multiple independent sets of servo control systems to complete high-stability auto insertion performance and achieve the perfect effect of high speed and high density. The upgradeable WINDOWS system lays a good foundation for speeding up your equipment update.The operation platform realizes the dialogue between man-machine interface, the combination of practical experience and scientific theory will bring you the improvement of product quality and production efficiency.The Radial AI automatic auto insertion machine can insert capacitors, transistors, transistors, LED lights, key switches, resistors, connectors, coils, potentiometers, fuse holders, fuses and other vertical taping packaging materials.In the context of the demographic dividend no longer, the demand for “machine substitution” has become greater and greater.”Now many companies are developing and producing fully automatic auto insertion machines, but these products can only insert standard components. If the components are slightly larger or have irregular shapes, such as large capacitors, large inductors, horizontal electronic components, etc., currently they are basically manual.Come plug-in. “Until the emergence of various non-standard fully automatic auto insertion machines.