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Standard Customer Acceptance Procedure in Manufacturing

2023-02-09 17:51:22

Demonstrate to the customer the machine's ability to meet specific performance requirements of the machine's Quality Assurance Procedure.
To demonstrate to the customer a simulated production run at the Bevier Street manufacturing site.
To explain to the customer all options and to verify that all aspects of the order are correct.

Before the customer's arrival in Binghamton, each machine will undergo standard quality assurance testing as stated in the Quality Assurance Procedure (QAP) document. Each specific machine will have followed the Quality Assurance Criteria (QAC) for final inspection. (Copies of these documents are available to the customer upon request from the Customer Acceptance Group.

Upon the customer's arrival at Universal Instruments for customer acceptance, the machine is demonstrated to the customer by the customer acceptance group and a manufacturing technician. The procedure for customer acceptance follows a predetermined plan which is agreed upon prior to the customer's arrival in Binghamton. (Example: UIC material or customer material.)

The customer acceptance objective is to insert a number of components, at a specified machine insertion performance and with a specified machine intrinsic availability for each machine type. (Refer to the Products Division Customer Acceptance Plan, part number 43794400, for the correct numbers for each machine.) During the acceptance, all options on the machine are explained and demonstrated to the customer and the customer is encouraged to question the Universal representative as to detail.

Customer Acceptance should be pilulle planned to take one full working day, per machine being accepted. (This includes the CA run, training, etc.)


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