Semi-Auto Screen Printer SP-300

Adopts SMC rail and Panasonic speed control motor drive steel squeegee
base to ensure printing steady
The squeegee base can be uplifted 45°, easy to disassemble the squeegee
and clean the screen
The printing base can be move front and rear and fixed to ensure perfect
printing effect
The printing table has groove and location pin, suited for single and doublesided board production
Adopts X.Y.Z axes to align the board by using arm (screen stencil) and
printing table
Microcomputer control, equipped with LCD, user friendly interference and
with counting function.    WhatsApp+86 137 6048 1664

PCB Size 350 X 1200mm

Printing Area 320 X 1270mm

PCB Fixed System PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning

Frame Size 370X470mm,550X650mm

Adjusting for table Front

Printing Accuracy ±0.05mm

Repeating Accuracy ±0.02mm

PCB Thickness 0.2-2.0mm

Air Source 4-6kg

Power Supply Single Phase 220V, 50/60Hz 100W

Dimension 9009001650mm (LWH)

Net Weight 250KG

1.The printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees of fixed upwards, printing halftone and scraper cleaning and replacement.And the blade can be adjusted before and after, to select the suitable printing position.

2.Using steel net movement, the school edition and printing (PCB) X, Y, Z.Correction fine-tune convenient and quick

3.The combined printing platen has a fixed groove and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, suitable for single, double panel printing..

4.Adopt adjustable speed motor to drive the scraper, ensure the printing precision.

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