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MInI Waver

2023-02-09 17:51:24

The Mini Waver is a bench-top waves oldering system for leaded, SMD or mixed boards.It is ideally suited for pre-production up to medium range production.The 8-hour throughput is typically 500 Euroboards of the size 100 x 160 mm (4 x 6.3”).

Technology introductionSturdy design is based on steel frames and steel plates: stronger and more durableHeat shield and exhaust hood cover the whole process area: no smoke, little heat dissipation.

1.Exhaust fan and 3 meter long flexible hose                                              2.Foam type flux unit                                                                                          3.Built in compressor (no compressed air, can be used anywhere)           4.The preheating length depends on the process requirement and is not related to the welding speed                                                                          5.Solder pot capacity: 38 kg solder                                                                  6.Outside heating type, thermal insulation design: thermal start time is about 90 minutes                                                                                                    7.Tin furnace, solder nozzle, pump, flux unit are suitable for: lead or lead-free process can be adjusted                                                                     8.Sectional plate rack: 2, each plate rack has 2 spring clampsMaximum welding area of circuit board: 265 x 353 mm                                      9.Microprocessor based control unit, liquid crystal display, printer interface, memory capacity                                                                                 10.64 welding procedures.                                                                             11.Operational features: simple, easy to learn, even for unskilled new workers.                                                                                                                             12.The ISO 9000                                                                                                   13.The power consumption is only 2,200 watts, single phase, 230 volts / 50 Hertz

Technical Indicators

  1. Elektrischer Anschluss Electrical connection

Power demand: 230 V / 2,2 kW single-phase electricity, as per CE standard

2.Betriebstemperaturen Operating temperature range

The heating temperature:220 – 280 °C

3.Heat-up time

Heating time: up to 255 ° C in 90 minutes


Flux type: any foaming type of flux


Equipment weight: about 67 kg without filler

6.Solder filling

Solder capacity: about 38 kg, depending on solder alloy proportion

7.Max. solder area:265 x 353 mm

8.Dimensions:1000 x 520 x 300 mm

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