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SC-500 PCB separator V-Cut machine

2023-02-09 17:51:23

SC-500 PCB separator V-Cut machine





1. To connect multiple pieces of the board after the solder, broken often damage the circuit or break the electronic components, the machine to move the knife to split, which can completely reduce the stress, to prevent solder cracking and parts cracking, improve production efficiency and quality . 2. Using the knife on the knife under the flat knife, the plate as the next flat knife, switch a step on the round knife moving to the set point of the move, about to cut off the PCB board, cut off without silk, incision formation, no flash.






1. Completely independent development, the use of microcomputer control, precision fixed point, strong stability. A knife cut off within 0-360MM long single board;

2. Cutting board cutting speed can be adjusted high, low two, speed 500mm / S and 300mm / S, fast speed, you can improve product quality, no flash, no glitches;

3 knife travel: 0-500mm (tool length can be customized). Knife round height adjustment: 0-2mm for a variety of PCB thickness to solve the problem of PCB board V-CUT slot depth. Console adjustable height: 0-50mm;

4. Traveling stroke can be set with the length of the board forward stop fixed point, stop fixed point set manually;

5. Rear baffle depth range: unlimited. Maximum plate cutting width: unlimited, maximum plate cutting length: 360mm, the maximum thickness of the plate: 0.2-5mm, the maximum thickness between the V tank: 0.25-2.0mm;

6, the next knife for the import of high-speed steel, durable extremely, when the knife adverse, you can then grinding;

7. Can be matched with additional conveyor belt, easy to cut PCB board automatically sent;

8. lifting platform platform movements,  platform elevation, can affect the quality of the product, not easy to cut the product  can reduce stress;

9. Limit device, you can apply different sizes of products, thereby enhancing work efficiency;


Technical data:

Power: Single-phase AC230 / 110V 50-60HZ, 40W

Machine size: L823 * 405 * 425mm

Net weight: 350Kg


Tool Material: SHD61 imported high-speed steel,

On the round knife: diameter 125mm, under the straight knife length: 500mm


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