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1.Overview    3

2. Ttechnical parameters    4

3.Operating instructions    5

A Preparation before operation    5

B The machine hardware installation and instructions    5

1):Install import board Conveyor    5

2):Must let import conveyor chain plane into a straight line with claw.    6

3):Install the oil-water separator    7

4):Molten tin stove installation    8

5): Following figure    9

4.Press the control switch on the operation panel    10

5.Maintenence    14

6.Attention    15












  1. Suitable for the welding device of long legs and SMD, SMC components
  2. Lead-free soldering process, accord with the requirement of environmental protection industry to reduce pollution
  3. Directly pull out of the preheating zone of the module design and filter system, convenient maintenance
  4. Lengthening preheating zone and preheating curve smoothly, ensure the PCB uniform heat, not deformation
  5. Intelligent automatic tracking spray system, the area of the spray along with the PCB evenly heat, not deformation
  6. With speed automatic tracking program
  7. With flux nozzle automatic cleaning device, use for a long time, without cleaning
  8. Furnace adopts the XT special structural design, can save electricity and reduce oxygen cargo
  9. Guide rail USES the XT unique design, can greatly reduce the thermal deformation, can guarantee the PCB is complete, welding and transport
  10. The stepless frequency conversion technology, precise control wave height
  11. All motor is equipped with overload protection system
  12. Precision titanium alloy elastic titanium claws, transportation, PCB, stable and reliable and never adhered tin
  13. The whole control system adopts three ling series PLC and touch screen
  14. Furnace and nozzle uses the XT unique design, two tin bath outside heating type to prevent tin explosion and decrease the oxidation

2.Technical parameters


PCB width 50-250mm
Conveyor height 760±10mm
Conveyor speed 0.5~1.8M/Min
Preheating zone 600mm
Preheating zones number 2
Preheating Temperatures Room tempreature~200℃
Suitable solder type Lead free solder
Wave solder pot 6KW
Solder Pot Capacity 200KG
Solder temperature Room tempreature~320℃
System Control PLC+Touch Screen Control
Flux storage tank Max5.2L
Power requirements 3 Phase 380V,50/60Hz
Totall Power Max.9KW
Air supply 4-7kg/cm2
Weight Approx.400kg
Dimensions L2100*M1300*H1650


3.Operating instructions

A Preparation before operation

1)Check the electric box has loose line and short circuit conditions or not;
check the transmission part if there is any Unidentified thing stuck;

3)check the preheating box have flammable objects and debris or not;

4)check the air pressure have 4 to 7 kg/cm or not

5)check whether the power supply three phase five wire, ground wire of resistance under 10R;

6)check whether the spray transverse cylinder flexible;

7) check the flux box if there is flux or not;

8)check whether the spray filter through content;

B The machine hardware installation and instructions

1):Install import board Conveyor

Take the import board conveyor to install docking, screw can be adjusted up and down the balance.

Note: 1.Conveyor guide high and low level adjustment

2.Conveyor guide vertical level adjustment

3.Conveyor guide right and left adjustment

2):Must let import conveyor chain plane into a straight line with claw.


3):Install the oil-water separator

a.Oil-water separator is installed on the side of board import hole where has a small hole (The above has two cross screws )


b.Plug in pipe ,installation is completed


4):Molten tin stove installation

a, the tin stove frame is installed in the position of tin stove in and out .

b.The tin should be distributed on the sides and bottom of the tin stove.(In order to avoid empty tin stove burning lead to deformation )

c.Open a tin furnace for heating temperature

d.In the process of heating, when tin melting on both sides of the tin stove,must continue to add tin. Until it is full .

e.Tin surface should be the plane in 5 mm different with tin stove . As the best state.

5):Following figure

Note: 1.The first wave control speeder

2.The second wave control speeder

3.Chain height adjustment

Note: 1.Adjust the size of air demand of rosin spraying

2.Adjust the size of air demand of rosin spraying moving orbit


4.Press the control switch on the operation panel


Timing Switch


Preheating Setting

Solder Machine

Tin Stove Tempreature Setting


Power Switch


Lamp Siwtch


Chain Speed









1) Monitoring menu: boot monitor will show as below

Touch screen display and flashing automatically ;

2) According to company name to the main menu. Any touch screen to enter the next menu.

3) This grapics for operating

a:In this picture is able to transport, spray, wave, washing, tin stove,manual/

automatically control one by one.

b:Tin stove is automatically start when turn on PC

c.Production counter starts counting from the first piece of PCB.

d:Transportation speed display 。”U” type optical eye not shown without detection.(” U “light eyes in export of equipment )

e:”Settings”button to enter the next menu.


4) This menu is the main menu of setting spray distance, wave distance, peak time.

a: Spraying distance, setting value refers to the distance from light eyes into the sprayer.

b:wave distance, setting value refers to the distance from light eyes into the tin stove.

c:wave time, setting value refers to the automatic state the time of the wave crest.
(note: the value set are analog value, not as the actual distance and time.)

5) In the control panel of preheating and tin stove temperature control table

a: SV : Set value,
b: PV : easurements value.
c: OUT for SSR output signals
d: AT : PID automatic calculation indicator
e: ALM1 : Alarm 1 light
f: ALM2 : Alarm 2 lights
g: SET keys function keys.
h: Another three arrow button is used to set value.

6) Temperature control table parameter table





Set Range

Factory value


measurement value\set value

whole process



NO.1 set alarm

whole process



NO.2 set alarm

whole process




0:Close PID

1:Open PID





0: whole process

ON\OFF control when set to 0





0-3600 s

When set to 0,No RC





0-3600 s

When set to 0,No Td




reference values

After AT ,set automatically




work cycle

Time proportional period 1-100s



Master control non-action bandwidth

1-100 unit same to (PV)




PV modified value

-200-200 unit same to(PV)


7) Temperature control graph trouble

Message Explanation Exclusion method
Err Instrument trouble send and repair
oooo Input broken lines,anti-polarity or beyond the input range Check if the input signal errors
UUUU Input interrupted anti-polarity or beyond the input range Check if the input signal errors



1), Check whether the transmission has lubrication and smooth;

2), Check the transmission system fixed position whether there is loose;

3), Check whether the chain claw has a deformed shape;

4), Check whether the preheating box with debris, dust, and the stagnational flux ,clean them up;

5), Check the filter and remove flux cover and clean residue excess;

6), Check the sprayer spray atomization system is uniform or not, transverse cylinder smooth or not;

7), Check the tin oxide black powder, slag is too much or not;

8), Check whether the plane wave soldering tin is stable, thoroughly clean again per 400h.




1), Never put flux in a preheated box and tin stove

2), Never will drip flux on machinery and equipment with high temperature and electric box;

3), Absolutely can’t unlimited heating when without adding tin in tin stove;

4), Grounding line must be reliable;

5), Tin stove temperature optimal setting temperature to 260 ± 5 degrees;

6),The best transmission speed : 0.8-1.3 m/min.

7),Best preheating temperature, PCB welding side temperature :100±10 degrees.

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