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S-400SP Desk-top Visual Dispenser – Smart EMS factory partner

S-400SP Desk-top Visual Dispenser



Featured by fast speed and high precision, S-400SP can dispense multiple pcs
product at the same time. It can dispense with various material such as surface-mount
adhesive, epoxy, UV conductive silver adhesive, IC encapsulation adhesive, underfill
adhesive, sealant, surface coating adhesive, etc.
S-400SP is designed for fast and high-precision non-contact spray dispensing. It can
dispense in various environment with spray frequency as high as 250 times/s. Strong
spray dispensing power can deal with glue with viscosity of 200000mPas. Intelligent
temperature control system makes sure effective control of the glue temperature.
Special equipped servo platform makes sure fast speed, high precision, and stability.
Model S-400SP
Work Area 400(X)╳400(Y)╳100(Z)mm╳400(Y)╳1
Travel speed 400mm/sec(XY)/200mm/sec(z)
Resolution 0.01mm
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Operation system pc
Drive Mode Servo motor/ball screw
Power supply AC220V 50-60HZ 0.7KW
Size 490╳528╳829mm╳528╳829mm
Weight About85kg
Work Condition Humidity:20-90%,Temperature:0-40℃


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