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S- A300 /S- B400  Solder Robot – Smart EMS factory partner

S- A300 /S- B400 Solder Robot

Scope of application: a complex in the plane of the multipoint welding, spot welding, welding

Applicable products: power supply, connector, fuse, LCD, LED, PCB, car electronics, etc


Model S- A300   Three Axis Solder Robot S- B400   Thour Axis Solder Robot
Number of axis  3  4
Effective distance  X-axis  300mm  X-axis  300mm
 Y-axis  300mm  Y-axis  300mm
 Z-axis  100mm  Z-axis  100mm
 \  \  R-axis  ±360°
Maximum Speed  X-axis  500mm/s  X-axis  500mm/s
 Y-axis  500mm/s  Y-axis  500mm/s
 Z-axis  300mm/s  Z-axis  300mm/s
 \  \  R-axis  300dg/s
Repeatability  X-axis  ±0.02mm  X-axis  ±0.02mm
 Y-axis  ±0.02mm  Y-axis  ±0.02mm
 Z-axis  ±0.02mm  Z-axis  ±0.02mm
 \  \  R-axis  ±0.02°
Load  Y-axis  10.0Kg  Y-axis 10.0Kg
 Y-axis  5.0Kg  Y-axis 5.0Kg
Teaching format Teaching pendanl
Range of tempreature ±5.0℃
Dimension 650mm*600mm*720mm
Power source AC220V50/60HZ
Air  Dry air4~5kgf/c㎡

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