SP-1008 Automatic Screen Printer

*Accurate CCD vision positioning and PCB conveying system *Automatic and effective stencil wiping system,such as dry,wet and vacum cleaning *Automatic stencil positioning,adjustable size range from 370*470mm to 737*737mm *Z axis lifting and CCD profile adoption of pulsating CVT mode to guarantee machine’s accuracy and stable running



  SP-1008 Automatic Screen Printer 




Repeat position accuracy:±0.01mm
Printing accuracy :±0.025mm
Cycle time: <9s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Products changeover:<5min
Screen stencil size: Min 470*370mm , Max 737*737mm , Thickness 20-40mm
PCB size: Max 400*310mm ; Min 50*50mm ;Thickness 20-40mm
PCB warpage Ratio:<1% (Diagonal length as a benchmark)
Bottom of board size: 10mm
Edge of board size:3mm
Transport high : 900±40mm
Transport Direction : L to R ,R to L, R to R , L to L
Transport Speed :100-1500mm/sec (programmable control)
Board Location: Support system/ Clamping System
Print head : Straight association motor control knife pressure blade , pressure size setting of freedom
Scraper speed :10-150mm/sec
Scraper pressure: 0-15 kg
Scraper angle: 60°(Standard)/55°/45°
Scraper type: Steel scraper(others can be customed)
Stencil separation speed: 0.01-10mm/sec
Cleaning method : Dry , wet or vacuum cleaning (programmable any combination)
Table adjustment range: X:±4mm;Y:±6mm;θ±2°
Image datum point type : Standard geometric datum, Welding plate/opening hole
Air pressure: 4-6kg/cm2
Air consumption:Approx. 0.07m3/min
Control method: PC control
Power supply : AC:220±10%,50/60Hz 1Ф2.5KW
Machine dimension: 1400*1200*1450mm(L*W*H)
Operation tempreature: -20to+45
Operation Humidity30%-60%













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