S-PM440 Solder Paste Mixer for SMT PCB assembly


Solder paste mixer can effectively stir the solder paste and tin powder  well.





AC 220 v

Revolution 1000/minute
Rotation 900/minute
Installation dimensions 440 * 440 * 550 mm
Time delay precision set data delay error < 0.1%
repeat delay error < 0.1%,
no effect change between AC85-264 v voltage
Reset method power reset
Control methods electricity latency
Repeat The time interval is not less than 0.5 s
Output capacity AC250V 3 A; DC24V 3A (resistance)
Insulation strength 100 M Ω/ 500 DC
Dielectric strength 2.5 KV/min
Power supply voltage DC12V  DC24V, -5 ~ + 10%
AC85-264V  AC24V AC12V
Mechanical life 1 1000000
Electrical life 100000
Power consumption MAX300W
Using the environment temperature – 23  to 60 
Using the environment humidity 35-80% RH

* Principle is based on motor revolution and rotation of the mixing way.
* Don’t need to remove cold storage of solder paste out of ice.
* The solder paste back to  temperature in a short time, stir well can be used at the same time
* 500 g solder paste,mixing two cans at the same time.Save time.
* Mixing process,  no need to open the solder paste box.




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