SMT Pick and Place machine Fuji NXT H08/H12 Nozzle 0.30mm



Fuji NXT H08/H12 Nozzle 0.30mm, with 9.00mm disc for 01005 components



Part Number Description
AA05600 H08 Yellow ø0.45/0.3
AA05700 H08 Blue ø0.7/0.5
AA05800 H08 Pink ø1.0
AA20A00 H08 Green ø1.3
AA06400 H08 Orange ø1.3 Melf
AA20B00 H08 Aqua ø1.8
AA19G00 H08 Orange ø1.8 Melf
AA20C00 H08 Purple ø2.5
AA06504  H08 Orange ø2.5 Melf
AA0WT00 H08 Purple ø2.5G
AA20D00 H08 Yellow-Green ø3.7
AA18C00 H08 Yellow-Green ø3.7G
AA20E00 H08 Medium purple ø5.0
AA06300 H08 Red ø5.0G




Part Number Description
AA06W00 H04 Pink ø1.0
AA06X00 H04 Green ø1.3
AA06Y00 H04 Aqua ø1.8
AA22Z14 H04 Orange ø1.8 Melf
AA06Z00 H04 Purple ø2.5
AA07F00 H04 Purple ø2.5G
AA07A00 H04 Yellow-green ø3.7
AA07G00 H04 Yellow-green ø3.7G
AA07B00 H04 Medium purple ø5.0
AA07H00 H04 Red ø5.0G
AA07C00 H04 Medium purple ø7.0
AA07K00 H04 Dark red ø7.0G
AA07D00 H04 Medium purple ø10.0
AA07L00 H04 Navy ø10.0G
AA07E00  H04 Medium purple ø15.0
AA07M00  H04 White ø15.0G




Part Number Description
AA0AS00 H01 Pink ø1.0
AA05800 H01 Green ø1.3
AA0MZ00 H01 Orange ø1.3 Melf
AA06900 H01 Aqua ø1.8
AA11R00 H01 Orange ø1.8 Melf
AA07000 H01 Purple ø2.5
AA08400 H01 Purple ø2.5G
AA07100 H01 Yellow-green ø3.7
AA08500 H01 Yellow-green ø3.7G
AA07900 H01 Medium purple ø5.0
AA07200 H01 Red ø5.0G
AA08000 H01 Medium purple ø7.0
AA07300 H01 Dark red ø7.0G
AA08100 H01 Medium purple ø10.0
AA07400 H01 Navy ø10.0G
AA08200 H01 Medium purple ø15.0
AA07500 H01 White ø15.0G
Fuji NXT H08M, H08MQ Nozzles (Fuji AIMEX H08M, H08MQ Nozzles)




Part Number Description
AA8LS00 H08M Yellow ø0.4
AA8DX00 H08M Blue ø0.7
AA8LT00 H08M Pink ø1.0
AA8DY00 H08M Green ø1.3
AA8MN00 H08M Orang ø1.3 Melf
AA8LW00 H08M Aqua ø1.8
AA8MR00 H08M Orange ø1.8 Melf
AA8LX00 H08M Purple ø2.5
AA8MS00 H08M Orange ø2.5 Melf
AA8ME00 H08M Purple ø2.5G
AA8LY00 H08M Yellow-green ø3.7
AA8MF00 H08M Yellow-green ø3.7G
AA8LZ00 H08M Medium purple ø5.0
AA8MG00 H08M Red ø5.0G
AA8MA00 H08M Medium purple ø7.0
AA8MH00 H08M Dark red ø7.0G
AA8MB00 H08M Medium purple ø10.0
AA8MK00 H08M Navy ø10.0G
AA8MC00 H08M Medium purple ø15.0
AA8ML00 H08M White ø15.0G
AA8MD00 H08M Medium purple ø20.0
AA8MD00 H08M Gray ø20.0G

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