S-DS300 Automatic dip soldering machine

* Help you in Long lead insertion welding

* contrast high wave soldering energy saving operation cost nearly 28000USD a year

* contrast double wave soldering save running cost 16000USD each year



  • 7 inch touch screen + PLC intelligent control and temperature control system
  • Intelligent precision step by step +Imported wire rod system
  • Tracking step type automatic spray system 85 kg small capacity lead-free tin furnace Maintenance free spray system + automatic welding supply system
  • Three sections of transmission system + manual adjustable width Pure tin slag function automatically
  • Tin stove liquid level automatic detection technology
  • New type of far infrared heating technology, high efficiency and energy saving heating Ductile cast iron heating plate (Energy saving 40%)
  • Strong wind cooling device
  • Automatic into the PCB
  • Tin furnace overtemperature protection +Preheating overtemperature protection

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Details of some parts:

图片6 Dip soldering machine

*Far infrared heating technology (more rapid heating rate + hot air heating system)

*High quality control


图片8 图片9


*Precision welding system .The users can control at will, suitable for all kinds of welding length of foot

*Step tracking precision spray system

Ensure the quality of production by 100%

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