S-6600 Lead-free Reflow Oven

• Complete for the lead free process

• Adopt instrument control System and closed loop control for heating source of each zone.

• Temperature control adopt circulation hot air heating mode for each zone.

• With over heating alarm function.


Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 3600x720x1250

Standard Color: Computer Grey

Weight: Approx. 420 Kg

Number of Heating Zones: Up6/ Bottom6

Length of Heating Zones: 2300mm

Number of Colling Zones: 1Length of Coding Zones: 1

Length of Cooling Zones: 1

Exhaust Volume 10M3/minx2: Exhausts

Control System: Instruments

Computer: No (Optional)

Siemens PLC: Standard

Electric Supply Required: 3phase, 380V 50/60Hz

Power for Warm Up: 15kW

Power for Consumption: 5kW

Warming time: Approx. 20 Minutes

Temperature Setting Range: Room Temp 300 Celsius

Cooling Method: Air Fan



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