Lead-Free Reflow Oven S-8800


Lead-free reflow S-8800  is high-end reflow products committed to keeping up with market demand to enhance customers competitiveness.Its new design concept fully meets the needs of increasingly diverse processes, And considering the future direction of the industry, entirely suitable for communications, automotive electronics, home appliances, computers and other consumer electronic products .

TOP Advantage:

Simple: Combined with advanced international concepts, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to maintain.

Expertise: Learn imported reflow oven’s advanced design concepts, and the machine core components are using imported top brands.

Hedging: Import hardware configuration,low failure rate in production,more than a decade service life. Safety: Based on the general rules of international design, close to imported reflow rating, the highest security level.

Stable: Mature software, hardware and top production processes ensures stability of each equipment.


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