PCB soldering carrier durostone sheet for PCBA Wave Solder / Reflow



We provide design and manufacture Wave Solder Pallet/Reflow Fixture:

  • 24 hours lead time
  • price from $50.00
  • customized

Name :    PCB solder paller High Operating Temperature  Durostone plastic Sheet


Size: 1000*1200mm,1000*2000mm


Thickness: 3-30mm


Type: PCB durostone plate



 Promotion price!!!PCB solder carrier durostone sheet for PCBA Solder Pallet


Product Description


Durostone is a glass fiber compound which designed to satisfy different needs on painting of PCB ,and its a heavyduty glass fiber reinforced plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. Durostone is manufactured by using Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxid- and modified Epoxy resins combined with glass fibers.


It can keep it’s mechanical strength,smoothness and original color when continuously used under the temperature of 280°c (max. working temperature below 385 degree 10~20sec). It’s applicable in ROHS applicance production line under high temperature continuously.this can improve PCB quality during the wave soldering to prevent pollution of gold_finger or contract hole caused by human contact.






Sepcification for wave solder pallets:

Technical Data CHP760 CAS761 CAG762
Grade Standard Anti-Static Anti-static(Optical)
Colour Blue Black Grey
Density(g/mm3) 1.85 1.85 1.85
Standard OperationTemperature 260 260 260
Maximum Operation Temperature(C) 350 350 350
Surface Resistivity (ohms) 105-108 105-108
Sheet Size(mm) 2440×1220 2440×1220 2440×1220
Tickness/weight(mm/kg) 3/17, 4/22, 5/28, 6/33, 8/44, 10/55, 12/66





1,Used materials imported synthetic stone materials, quality imported bakelite, glass fiber, alloy
2,Reflow soldering printed circuit board tooling
3,Decrease deformation of the substrate caused by the tin stove and electrostatic breakdown
4,Applicable substrate shape
5,Loading multiple PCB production line, saving manpower and after welding, improve productivity




Plastlist wave solder pallets are lead to overall process efficiency by:

– Reducing set-up time
– Wave solder complex, double-sided circuit board assemblies
– Eliminating expensive, and labor-intensive masking
– Providing safe, easy, ergonomic handling of PCB
– Providing thermal protection for printed circuit board areas that are heat sensitive
– Processing multiple boards at the same time
– Reducing bridging and skipping solder defects
– Increasing production and enhance automated assembly
– Ensuring higher quality, repeatable process results
– High temperature resistance to endure repeated cycles through the reflow
– Dimensional stability to ensure board alignment is consistent
– Chemical resistance
– Very low moisture absorption
– Reduces solder defects
– Low heat absorption

We also provide a wide range of manufacturing solution for wave solder pallets by customer’s customized demand.


Universal Adjustable Solder Pallet

Universal wave solder pallets are designed to support a PCB that would otherwise be unable to be processed through wave soldering. Central bars easily adjust for PCB width.



Block Tin Bar
Common Hold Downs for Solder Pallet/ Carrier Accessories
5# Round Feet Hold Downs for Solder Pallet Accessories
4# Pointed Feet Hold Downs for Solder Pallet Accessories
3# Wide Feet Hold Downs for Solder Pallet Accessories
13# Double Side Hold Downs for Solder Pallet Accessories
7# Double Side Hold Downs for Solder Pallet Accessories
16# Press Components Hold Downs for Fixtures Accessories
17# Press Components Hold Downs for Fixtures Accessories
18# Anti-floated High Hold Downs for Solder Pallet/ Carriers
20# Press Components Briquette for Fixtures Accessories
22# Cover Plate Buckle for Solder Pallet/ Carriers


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