Lead Free Reflow Oven S-6600-PC

Lead Free Reflow Oven S-6600-PC

Specification :

Heating Zones :Top 6/Bottom 6
Heating length :2300mm
Cooling zone :2
Max.width of PCB :350mm
Height of conveyor :Mesh belt 880±20mm
Transport system :Mesh belt
Conveyor speed :0-2000mm/min
Power supply : 5 Wire 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ
Power of start up :24KW
Power of consumption of operation :Approx.5-7KW
Control fashion :PC
Warm-up time :About 20 minutes
Temperature control :Industrial temperature control module to control the SSR drive
Trouble alarm: Temperature anomaly(Ultra high temperature or ultralow temperature after constant temperature)
Weight :Approx.900kg
Dimension(mm): L3600×W700×H1430

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