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Odd-form Component Solution evaluation supporting Smart SMT factory

2023-02-09 17:51:24
The Automatic insertion machine Compare with Manual operation

• General labor force continued to decline;
• Lack of skilled workers, training costs have been rising;
• Quality is not stable and consistent;
• The problems of capacity and reliability;
• Take up a lot of production space …etc

Odd Form Insertion Machine

Our odd form component inserter can bring you maximum automation, let you no longer worry about high artificial cost, and solve the problem of low efficiency for you. Investment return is of concern to each manufacturer, if you want to discuss about the investment return with us,you are welcomed..

1.Providing tape material and adding Feeder to accomplish insertion
2. To provide a multi-layer tube with a tube material to achieve automatic feeding insertion

Capacitor and Resistor in one
1.Transformer vibration plate material
2.Resistor feeder change into capacitor feeder
3.Radial tape material
Odd Form Insertion Machine Appearance

1.Operating system: Windows environment to run the operation of the software, the production data, management data , equipment parameters, all I/O signal diagnosis, etc. can be finished on the host with a touch screen.
2.Insertion speed: 0.65 seconds/piece (theoretical), adopts panasonic AC servo drive, high speed, low noise, stable movement.
3.Visual system: Industrial specialized high definition camera and the development of automatic visual correction software of vision system, automatic correction, insertion accurately.

IC Power

1 Transformer Inductance Vibrator feeder
2 Radial E-CAP insertion Tape feeder
3 Radial E-CAP insertion Tape feeder
4 Radial resistor insertion Tape feeder

Optoelectronic integration

1 Radial capacitor insertion Vibrator feeder 2 Radial E-CAP insertion Tape feeder
3 Radial E-CAP insertionTape feeder
4 Radial capacitor insertion Vibrator feeder

Tact Switch Inserter_Presentation

Pin Inserter_Presentation Thai

Terminal Inserter_Presentation

Current situation and demand

1.Operators tend to be younger, unstable and mobile, resulting in high labor costs and training costs;
2.l product quality can not be guaranteed, often appear: floating high, leakage, misinsertion, anti-interpolation and other adverse phenomena;
3.The output efficiency is low, the output is guaranteed completely by the personnel plug-in proficiency degree or the extension working hours,
4.the production scale cannot expand, the market competition ability does not have the superiority;
5.With the advance of industry 4.0 and factory intelligence, and the rising labor cost, the industry is pushing special-shaped plug-in machine instead of manual plug-in. In order to improve the market competitiveness, comprehensive profit level and the strong demand for product quality from the main internal and external customers, the companies must change the existing DIP production mode and realize the fine product management.

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