Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

50% cost saving AI SMT spare parts One-Stop Solution

2023-02-09 17:51:24
Southern Machinery Are Global Electronics Specialists Supplying The Surface Mount Technology Sector With Made In China Nozzles, Feeders, Spare Parts And Consumables In Both New And Used Conditions. We Offer An Average Saving Of Up To 50%.adhere to the “One-Stop Solution “Facilitance to serve customers in the electronics processing industry, providing customers with cost-effective, high quality spare parts and equipment with stable performance from China, saving customers time And cost. truly one- stop solution services. Our Main Product Lines Are Panasonic, Fuji, Universal, Yamaha, Juki, AssembléOn, Asm, Samsung And Ipulse.JUKI JM20 /JM10 Feeder • Bowl Feeder • Radial Feeder • Axial Feeder .Radial Mrf-Sw. Radial Mrf-S,Customize Smt Nozzle Jaws Etc. AI Spare Parts Brands Of Universal , Panasonic, Tdk Additionally, Which Is A Great Option For Companies On A Budget That Want To Purchase Quality Parts and smt Equipment At An Affordable Price.

1.Easy to operate; 10 minutes to learn proficient operation, no longer rely on skilled employees, reduce downtime, improve efficiency
2.Save manpower: mobile operations, can achieve two-line one operation
3.The parts are non-destructive; the use of optical fiber automatic detection of the presence of materials, automatic accurate calibration of the docking position, no parts loss
4.The recovery tape: Press the button strip realized by a worker recovered length after a successful splicing automatic rewinding, fast and convenient
5.Accurate and high-efficiency: The preparation of the spare parts can be completed in about 8s per pick, and the success rate of picking up can reach 97%.
6.Equipment out of chance: the receiving unit on the machine passing rate of more than 97%
7.E rror prevention system: self-provisioned material bar code scanning comparison error prevention (optional customer misplaced)

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