Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

New announcement

2023-02-09 17:51:23

ETA and Southern Machinery provide in EMS/LED Industries ETA  and
Southern Machinery have a joint-agreement to sincerely service the customers .Our commitment to service our customers, providing them with the best solution.
and Southern machinery partnership will provide customers with feasible and
economical solutions to equip their plants with state-of-the-art assembly
equipment from China. We will provide effective and on-time after-sales support
recent years, China-made PCB assembly equipment has improved on their safety and
efficiency. China is fast becoming a leader in EMS/LED-related markets. The
production in China is very competitive in good quality and low price. With
ETA s expertise in solutions, we are able to provide cost-effective solutions
with low maintenance cost.
ETA and
Southern Machinery ‘s common goal :
to  customers and be clear with customers’ requirements in Auto Insertion
and SMT market;
customers’  the most suitable solution with the best price;
the best after-sales-service;
Adhering to the “One Belt And One Road” thought, spread
our advanced equipment and technology
to all over the world.

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