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Circuit board cleaning machine

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Today I will share a kind of useful cleaning machine for electronic enthusiasts friends.

This is the manual control 10L liter heated ultrasonic circuit board cleaning machine supplied from China manufactures, it is a perfect ultrasonic cleaner for PCB circuit board cleaning. This ultrasound cleaning machine is designed with mechanical rotary swith for easily to set working time and temperature.

This kind of cleaning machine can apply to many equipment.For example,you can use to ultrasonic PCB cleaner for cleaning PCB circuit board, PC mainboard , ultrasonic carburetor cleaner for cleaning carb,engine and fuel injector.Also you can use it to ultrasonic tattoo cleaner for cleaning tattoo equipment, guns, etc.
You may want to know how about the shaver heads, razor blades, pen-heads, printer-heads, inkjet cartridges and seals, ancient coins, badges, valves, machine nozzles, electronics components?Thet are small and have a complex structure.But,please rest assured,that can not defeat it,it just like a superman,omnipotent.

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