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IM Applications Analysis

2023-02-09 17:51:22

IM Applications Analysis Request Matrix For Sales Engineers




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Throughput analysis Get customer interested in Generation 8 machines by showing them throughput advantage of new equipment. Pattern program (UIC, competitor, or text component location file)orQuantity of components per panel


Analysis showing how many boards of the sample product type will be produced per hour/day/month using Gen 8 equipment.
PCB evaluation Determine how many components currently being hand inserted or inserted by old UIC or competitor equipment can be inserted with Gen 8 equipment. Fully populated PCBBare PCBPattern program (UIC, competitor, or text component location file) Report listing which components can be inserted “as is”, which can be inserted with minor modifications to the board and which cannot be inserted.
Machine demonstration Customer is not familiar with Universal or is not familiar with Gen 8 equipment.  Introduce customer to Universal’s support infrastructure, help establish UIC as a partner rather than merely a vendor. Demo with UIC boards – call to discuss timing of visit and machine availabilityDemo with customer boards – Same as above as well as customer boards (one fully assembled, several bare) and any “unusual” components along with pattern program (if available) at least 2 weeks prior to visit. Upon request, we can give a Gen 8 equipment presentation tailored to the customer, a plant tour and/or demonstrate the Gen 8 machine(s) using the customer’s product.
Machine replacement proposal Show customer we can replace old (UIC or competitor) machines with fewer Gen 8 machines. Average” number of components per panel or actual number on a representative panel.Hours per day and days per week machine(s) are in production.Qty of panels required per day. Report showing the number of machines required to meet the requested production quantity as well as the total capacity of the machine(s).
Machine financial justification Show how Gen 8 equipment can pay for itself by saving operator and maintenance labor as well as reducing replacement parts cost. Same information as for machine replacement study and:Current spare parts cost (preferably in $/M insertions).Operator and technician fully burdened labor rate. Report showing number of machines required to meet production quantity as well as projected savings in labor and spare parts compared to old equipment.
Cost per insertion report(competitive comparison) Show how UIC Gen 8 equipment compares with competitors equipment. Same information as required for machine financial justification and:Any information you can provide about the competitor’s proposed solution.  Include competitor price quotes and machine mix if possible, otherwise we will use our estimates which may be different than your customer’s situation. Report showing number of UIC and competitor machines required to meet production quantity.  “Cost per insertion” calculation for UIC and competitor equipment.  This type of calculation helps us show that the cost of operation can be lower with UIC even though our equipment price may be higher than the competition.

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