Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

Horizontal Shuttle

2023-02-09 17:51:22

Used whenever the product must be shifted
horizontally or in the Y-axis. Provides multiple
input/output routing paths within the production
line. Can be used to merge lines, combine
or split dual lane applications, distribute
boards to multiple locations, and create
U-shaped lines.
Standard Features
• Configurable length (direction of travel)
• Up to four input/output ports allowing as
many as eight functional routing paths
• Point-to-point pneumatic or programmable
shuttle transfer, depending upon application
• Adjustable cylinder stop for board travel
position on pneumatic transfer
• Allen Bradley PLC
• Independent DC motor drive
• Slide-width adjust
• Fixed front rail
• Adjustable transfer height
• Interface mounting brackets
• Built-in SMEMA compatibility
• CE compliant
Optional Features
• Follow or programmable width adjust
(on programmable shuttles only)
• 4-inch under-machine clearance

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