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what is in a full smt equipment line

It is time to reexamine how you manufacture. Regardless of your industry, or the size, the opportunity to create a smart factory will no doubt decrease your costs and increase your profits. As technology advances, it is smarter to consider turning your aged model of outsourcing manual labor to a self-manufacturing model using surface mount and auto insertion technologies. If you can have the control of manufacturing your own unique products in-house, decreasing cost, time, and increasing your ROI, why wouldn’t you join the competition and reevaluate your current model?

Southern Machinery has over 20 years of experience, carefully designing buy prednisone your customized tailor-made SMT machines to fit your production. Investing in a customized SMT line for your manufacturing will set to improve your quality, productivity, and reliability.

What we provide:
Full LED solutions tailored to your product
Core technology with our equipment
Highly skilled and professional tech service
Deep experience in LED factory setup
All Solutions to your LED Assembly for Quality and best ROI

what is in a full smt equipment line
Full SMT Line:

LED types: (LED blub, LED tube,  LED strip, LED lens)

PCB size: 600mm, ~1200mm

Quantity: No command, start stage

SMT Line Design: Workers: 3-4 people (1 printer operator, 1 mounting operator, 1-2 Quality Control)

Capacity: 20000-22000pcs/hour (28000CPH FOR IPC9850)

Compressed air:6.0kgf/cm²

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