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2023-02-09 17:51:23

1)What is high speed led tube and led strip pick and place machine ?

The high speed automatic SMT mounting machine is the equipment used to realize high-speed, high accuracy completely automatic mounting the electric elements like LED light sphere, electric resistance , electric capacity etc. It is the mot essential and most complex equipment in the entire SMT production. The mounting machine is the major machine in SMT production line, and it is already developed from the early low speed mechanical mounting machine to high-speed optics mounting machine, and to multipurpose, flexible connection modulation development.


2)What machines does the LED PCB board assembly need ?

The LED mount technical process simplification is: Printing, Pick and placing, Soldering, Overhaul (in each part, you can join examine link to control quality)


3) What are the advantages of Langke smd pick and place machine?

A.Top high speed in the world, quicker than the main SMT pick and place machines brands like Siemens, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo and Juki led pcb pick and place machines;

B.Lowest power consumption, 2.5-3.5KW/Hour, our machine has the smallest electricity consumption among the high speed pcb pick and place machine manufacturers in China

C.Match vacuum pumps along with the main machine, no need to match extra vacuum pump;

D.Electric control system is installed on the top of the main machine, easy to maintain, and has a good damp proof effect;

E.Integrated forming steel frame, guarantee stable performance on high speed running conditions.

F.The distance of sucking mouth can be adjusted manually, photoelectric will make sure the accuracy after adjust, allow you to mount different pitches PCB board.


4) What kinds electric components can use our automatic led smt pick and place assembling machine!

The main elements our machine can mount include: LED lights, electric capacity and electric resistance, sizes like: 0805,1206,2121,2835,3014,3528,5050,5630,5730,RGB; mainly for 1.2-1.5 meter LED light tube, LED panel light, 0.5-1.0 meter LED light strip , RGB strip.

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