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Frequently Asked S-600-OF Pick & Place Radial Component machine Questions and Answers

2023-02-09 17:51:23

What components can the S-600-OF place?

The  S-600-OF  can place components ranging from 0402-??mm2 .  

Radial Leaded components 

Package range is 

What is the minimum/maximum PCB size?

 S-600-OF  can populate a 2″x2″ (50mmx50mm)/15″x18″ PCB(381mmx460mm)

Thickness range: 0.5mm-5.0mm

Weight is restricted to 3.3 lbs. maximum (completed PCB)

What is the topside/bottomside PCB clearance?

Maximum component height is o.256″(6.5mm)

Bottomside clearance is 30mm under the PCB

1. What will be assembled?

2. How much of it will be assembled?

3. How fast must it be assembled?

4. What operations must be performed?

5. In what order should those operations be completed?

6. Can the product design be adapted to accommodate automation?

7. Where are the “trouble spots” in how the product was previously assembled?

8. How well do the parts and components meet tolerances?

9. What Quality standards does the part have to meet?

10. Is there enough space for the equipment?

11. What kind of environment will the equipment be in?

12. How much money is available to spend and When?

13. Will workers need to be hired to run and maintain the equipment?

14. Will workers need to be reassigned?

15. Will the machine be located in another country?


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