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Feed Wheel Adjustment

2023-02-09 17:51:22

This adjustment positions the feed wheel on its shaft so that the first
component is centered in front of the pushers when the feed wheel is
If the feed wheel is not adjusted properly, the component will not be
centered.  If it is offset too far, the tabs on the upper pusher could hit the
leads when the component is loaded into the carrier clip. This may cause the
leads to back up or break the carrier clip.
There is also a danger that the cutters will cut through the leads to the
component instead of through the center of the holes in the cardboard strip.
This would cause excessive wear on the cutters.
Forward Stroke Adjustment
Return Stroke Stop Adjustment
Anti Back Up Dog Adjustment
Machine is powered up
Special Tools:
Pitch Wheel Tool     
To adjust the feed wheel, perform the following procedure.
1.If necessary, load components into the feeder and index the feed wheel
until the first component is in front of the driver.
2.Palm the machine down and manually push the main driver forward
until the component carrying cardboard strip stops the cutter.
3.Check to see if the leads are centered in the notches of the upper
4.If the leads are not centered in the notches, loosen the two socket head
cap screws which hold the clamp plate to the feed wheel as shown in
the illustration.

6.While holding the feed wheel in place with the pitch wheel tool,
alternately tighten the cap screws.


End of procedure

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