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Align Feeder To Carrier Clip

2023-02-09 17:51:22

This adjustment positions the feeder on the sequencer module so the pusher aligns with the carrier clip.
When properly aligned, the component's leads contact the clamps on the carrier clip forcing them open at the same time.  This action puts equal force on both leads and prevents the component from twisting as it is being loaded
into the carrier clip.
If the feeder is not correctly aligned to the carrier clip, the clip fails to center to the pusher when it extends.
Prerequisite Adjustments:
Carrier Clip Alignment to the Cutter Station
Carrier Clip Alignment To Component Transfer Upper Guide
Feeder Preliminary Forward Stroke Adjustment
Machine is powered on and the interlock bypass key switch is turned to the ON position
Special Tools:
Feeler Gauge Setup Tool
To align the feeder to the carrier clip, perform the following procedure.

1.Remove the component carrying cardboard strip from around the feed
2.Using IM Diagnostics, zero the chain.
3.Using the Manual Diagnostics window, turn off the main air dump
4.Manually push the main driver forward as far as it will go.

5.Insert the .030 inch (0.76mm) feeler gauge setup tool where illustrated and check the clearance.
When properly aligned, the feeler gauge is touching both surfaces and
the carrier clip is displaced as far as it will go to the left.
If adjustment is necessary, loosen the socket head cap screw, which holds the feeder on the sequencer, and push the dispenser to the left until the correct alignment is obtained.

6.After making the adjustment, retighten the socket head cap screw and withdraw the feeler gauge setup tool.
7.Using the Manual Diagnostics window, turn the main air dump back on.
8.Ensure that the main driver retracts and is clear of the chain clip.
9.Verify that the carrier clips, after being displaced to the left by the pusher, return fully to the right after the pusher retracts.
10.After completing the alignment of all feeders, zero the chain again.
11.Refer to step 5 and verify that the alignment of the feeders is correct.  If needed, repeat the entire procedure again to obtain the proper adjustment.


End of procedure

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