Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

Congratulation SOUTHERN MACHINERY has beed admitted as Foreign Member of ELCINA community

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Electronic Industries Association of India identifies and bringstogetherlikeminded companies to represent the voice of Indian electronics and IT hardware industry and promote manufacturing.Electronic Industries Association of India promotes hardware manufacturing through active representation in the Government as well as scientific/technical institutions and industry/trade organisations in India and abroad.Electronic Industries Association of India represents to the government, problems faced by its members, individually or as a group, to find solutions and provide relief from unreasonable acts of administrative and policy making departments.

Electronic Industries Association of India provides a bouquet of professional and value-added services to its members. These services are tailored to serve the best interest of its Members and the Electronics/IT community to empower it to face competition and prosper. These services are constantly upgraded to suit the changing demands of the environment and needs of the industry.

Electronic Industries Association of India’s E-commerce facilities and its dynamic website together attract about 3500 visitors per day and provide a platform for members.

Electronic Industries Association of India is a repository of information and research, readily available for its members and helps them in taking critical decisions based on relevant facts.

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