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Bearing Press Fit Calculations

2023-02-09 17:51:22
This calculates the delfection of the pharmacie-dela-place outer race of a bearing when it is pressed into a housing.
These equations are from Shigley and Mischke “Mechanical Engineering Design” Fifth Ediion p.62-63
Bearing Housing
Modulus of Elasticity of Inner component (Ei) 30000000 Modulus of Elasticity of Outer component (Eo)
Inner Radius of Inner Component (land radius)(ri) 0.1705 Outer Radius of Outer Component (ro)
Poisson’s Ratio of Inner Component (vi) 0.292 Poission’s Ratio of Outer Component (vo)
Radius at Press (interface) (R) 0.1875
Radial Press (d) 0.0003
Resulting Pressure (p) 2599.551782
Increase in Housing Outer Radius (delta ro) 0.000123797
Decrease in Bearing Inner Radius of OD (delta ri) 0.000176203
Both members have the same length.
Cross sections are uniform.
Radial interference is constant around the circumference.

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