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Automatic PCB cleaning machine USER MANUAL (SQC)

2023-02-09 17:51:23

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Please read this user manual carefully before running







Automatic PCB cleaning machine
















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Chapter I:            Preamble


Chapter II:            Safety Instructions


Chapter III:            Installation and Specifications


Chapter IV:            Mechanical Steps


Chapter V:            Common Troubleshooting


Chapter VI:            Regular Preservation





Chapter I:        Preamble


Welcome to our company’s “fully automatic PCB cleaner”, please use the operator must be familiar with the mechanical structure of the electrical interface equipment, etc. in order to operate the machine. Therefore, please fully understand the operation manual so that the machine can work under the best conditions to get the best benefit. At the same time, we also hope you pay attention to the safe use of machinery.


When you get this manual in hand, you have become our customer or client; we will have the obligation to provide you with technical assistance in the use of machinery. If you have any questions about this book, please contact the company Ministry asked. Contact details see the cover. When contacting, be sure to inform the machine nameplate (machine serial number), part name, number, drawing number.

Precautions on use:


1. Please confirm the model of the machine you purchased

2. When the machine is running, please read carefully in the operating manual (safety rules and accident prevention);

3. When operating the machine, please strictly observe (safety rules and accident prevention);

4. Due to design changes or special reasons, the delivery of the specific rules of the machine and the manual prepared by the sometimes there are some differences, please understand;

5. User units such as the unauthorized modification of parts on the machine parts, resulting in quality problems or mechanical accidents, our company irresponsible;


Note: The copyright of the works in this manual is owned by Shenzhen Southern machinery sales and service Co., Ltd. Without the written permission of Shenzhen Southern machinery sales and service Co., Ltd., it is forbidden to copy or copy the manual, and the third party is prohibited from using the manual.

The Company reserves the right to modify the technical information prepared in this operation manual at any time.

Chapter II:    Safety Instructions


Please be sure to follow:

I. Safety rules and accident prevention

1. Safety Precautions

2. Safety signs

3. General safety rules

4. Safety rules related to maintenance work


1. Safety Precautions

1.1 Although the emergency stop switch is convenient, but still have to keep in mind the location of the emergency stop switch so that you can emergency shutdown at any time;

1.2 Before starting the machine, be sure to confirm that there is no unsafe factor around before starting the machine.

1.3 Whether for maintenance, adjustment, please turn off the main switch.

1.4 Temporarily shut down when leaving the machine, please press the “stop key”, and also please turn off the main switch.

1.5 Power failure; please turn off the main switch.

1.6 Operation, do not open the machine‘s electrical box.

1.7 To prevent other people from starting the machine by accident during maintenance work, be sure to turn the main switch off.

1.8 Motor and electrical installations related operations, the best electrician operation, and turn off the electricity, wait 15 seconds to repair, maintenance, to prevent the residual voltage.


2. Safety signs

2.1 Where necessary, the machine has been posted on the accident prevention warning class safety signs, be sure to follow the signs indicated in the caution;

2.2 Do not peel off the safety signs attached to the warning class of the machine, if the logo is lost or fouled and other reasons, make it unrecognizable, please contact with the company and try to replace;


3. General safety rules

3.1 operation and maintenance of the operation of the machine, be sure to be trained by a professional and practical training of personnel to perform, non-professionals do not touch the machine.

3.2 Please check the operation and maintenance of the machine regularly to comply with the safety rules.

3.3 Please always check the necessary equipment to ensure safety, the function is safe.

3.4 If the machine is in an accident or the operation is in danger, please inform our company in writing.

4. Repair operations related to safety rules

4.1 When cleaning the machine or peripherals, stop all the machine‘s movements.

4.2 After finishing the work Please confirm that the status of each part of the machine has been restored to the initial state of starting work.

4.3 Be sure to restart the machine after restoring the cover, cover and other devices that have been removed.

4.4 When replacing electrical parts, the power must be cut off and the same part or equivalent must be used.

4.5 Replacing a new fuse Make sure that it is the same as the original rules before shipping. (To prevent damage to other components of the machine, do not use more than the rated current of the fuse).

4.6 The number of refueling parts, cycle, etc., according to the relevant provisions of this manual.


Chapter III:    Installation and Specifications

  1. The installation of the machine