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Automatic Oddform insertion PCB Assembly solution provider

2023-02-09 17:51:24


For automation equipment, being able to cope with special-shaped components with different sizes / weights has become a very common demand.Automation equipment must be able to flexibly use fixtures or nozzles, or both.The components need to be placed in a suitable feeding device to ensure the best picking performance.In today’s electronic assembly industry, when inserting circuit boards (PCBs), special-shaped components are the only components that still need to be assembled manually.There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the most important point is that the shape of the special-shaped components, the number of pins, the packaging form, etc., cannot be standardized.Therefore, most manufacturers can only regard special-shaped components as special needs from customers, and use specialized custom equipment to meet this demand.An automation device can handle a variety of different shaped components without frequent configuration changes; then this type of device will definitely be used at the back end of PCB assembly production lines on a large scale in the future.Over the past 20 years, almost all transformers, connectors, and relays-either unpackaged bulk materials or those that do not meet the specifications of mainstream plug-in machines-have been manually assembled on PCBs.To a large extent, it is these special-shaped components that led people to decide to build factories in areas with low labor costs; this way, even adding a few more workers at the back of the production line will not have much impact on the overall cost.Although these special-shaped components are still being assembled by hand, as labor and energy costs rise, manufacturers will eventually have to use automated equipment to replace manpower.In order to perfectly replace manual assembly, this automated equipment should be able to handle square elements from 0.25mm pins to 30cm without the need to change the fixture (or can automatically change the fixture).