Auto Lead Cutter Machine

Component Lead Cut by manually?

High Labor cost?

Quality issue?

S-430AC Auto Lead Cutter Machine
Speed: 7200 CPH
Machine Dimension (L*W*H):720* 720* 900
Cutter Clinch Direction: X axis 400mm * Y axis 280mm * Z axis 100mm * R axis 360°rotation * U axis (manual) 90 °
PCB Size:  Min.20mm* 50mm  Max. 200mm* 360mm . (Optional 280mm* 380mm)
PCBA Heigth: Max110mm. Optional for other size.
Direction: L to R (R to L)
Machine Weight :100KG
Power Supply: 220V/1.5KW  (Energy saving)
Type of pliers: Special pliers for Pneumatic machine
Cutting capacity: Copper wire Max ∮ 3.0mm
MES system: connect production lines to achieve data management (optional)
Extraction part pin method: negative pressure suction container
Shearing capacity: copper wire ∮ 3.0mm or less
     (Change different cutting pliers for different wire diameters)
Shearing efficiency: 120 points / min
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