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SMT small company survival magic weapon! Multi frequency, small batch,flexibility

2023-02-09 17:51:24

SMT (Surface Mount Technology), or surface mount technology, is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronics assembly industry. In the Pearl River Delta represented by Shenzhen, the electronics and information industry is developed and the industry chain is complete. It is a veritable factory in the world.

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As the market environment changes and technology changes, in order to meet the increasingly personalized needs of end customers, manufacturers are constantly improving their products, constantly innovating according to market needs, and developing trendy styles and functions to adapt to the current market demand. In order to be able to quickly respond to market diversified and uncertain needs and quickly provide products that meet customer needs, “short, flat, and fast” has become an important feature of production sites during this period, on time, quality, quantity and at a minimum cost Manufacturing products that meet customer needs has become the goal of production management, but progress is seemingly more and more difficult due to resource constraints such as limited skilled personnel and tight equipment. In this case, SMT production is now in a state of small batches and multiple varieties. Because of the inherent production characteristics of the SMT production line, it uses the best production efficiency in large batches. Therefore, for small batches and multiple varieties, there are multiple line changes to complete the production conversion of the product. The SMT line is in an intermittent production state. The increase has caused problems in the production efficiency of the SMT line.

Benefits of small batches and multiple varieties

1.Improve adaptability to changes in demand
Small batch, single piece delivery
Reduce job preparation time
Multi-skilled employees
In-process quality assurance system
Generalization of equipment and tooling

  1. Make manufacturing issues and their weaknesses visible
    Quality failure
    Equipment failure
    Workload imbalance
    Turnover time

  2. Eliminate waste caused by improper production management and reduce production management costs
    Material waiting due to improper production management
    Unnecessary model changes due to improper production management
    Increase in indirect operations due to improper production management

4.Improve the adaptability of manufacturing to short delivery time
Eliminate stagnation (things / information)
Reduce the number of intermediate work in process

Characteristics of small batches and multiple varieties

Multi-variety parallel

Because many enterprises’ products are configured for customers, different products have different needs, and the resources of enterprises are among multiple varieties.

Resource sharing
Every task in the production process requires resources, but the resources that can be used in the actual process are very limited. For example, the problem of equipment conflicts often encountered in the production process is caused by the sharing of project resources. Therefore, limited resources must be properly allocated to meet project needs.

  1. Uncertainty of order result and production cycle
    Due to the instability of customer needs, the clearly defined nodes are inconsistent with the complete cycle of human, machine, material, method, ring, etc., the production cycle is often uncertain, and projects with insufficient cycles require more resources. , Increasing the difficulty of production control.

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