Southern Machinery provides professional SMT peripheral equipment.

Are you looking for 10 mm lead span Radial component auto insertion machine

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Southern Machinery Sales and Services Company provide and support a large number of SMT /THT & Auto Insertion Machines models. Since with the day to day development of technology and with the passage of time new machines are coming to market that will need to be supported in the future.

I would like to ask for your input on new machines or technologies that you are considering or have already committed to in your facilities.

Are you looking for higher feeder capacity machines to reduce the changeover time from product to product or group to group? Are you looking for a surface mount technology one stop solution line which provides you $50k per month and mix production on monthly basis? Are you still using old technological Surface mount Technology machines?

Southern Machinery provides many different types of products, especially across different types of machines, then please let me know also as we have solutions for these challenges too. To know more please click.