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3D viewing How Cut and Clinching in THT PCB assembly

2023-02-09 17:51:23
In the world of PCB assembly, there are two main methods for connecting components to the board: through-hole technology (THT) and surface-mount technology (SMT). While SMT has become the dominant method in recent years, THT still has its place in certain applications. In this article, we will focus on THT assembly and two specific techniques: cut and clinch.

Cut and clinch is a process used to secure components with leads that are too short to be bent and inserted into the board. Instead, the leads are cut to the appropriate length and then clinched to hold them in place. This technique is commonly used for components such as transformers, inductors, and connectors.

One of the challenges of cut and clinch is ensuring that the leads are cut to the correct length. This is where 3D viewing technology comes in. By using 3D viewing, the assembler can see the component from all angles and make precise cuts. This technology also allows for better inspection of the finished product, ensuring that the leads are properly clinched and secured.

At Smart EMS factory partner, we understand the importance of precision and quality in PCB assembly. That's why we use the latest technology, including 3D viewing, to ensure that every component is properly cut and clinched. Our experienced team of assemblers is trained to handle even the most complex THT assemblies, delivering high-quality products every time.

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