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Why not Nozzle exchange for LED pick and place machine

2023-02-09 17:51:22

1. As we consider that many customers products don’t have so many kinds of components in a board .

2. For example ,though in a board ,there are about 20 kinds of different components,but the size of many components are nearly . Sometimes just need about 3-4 kinds of nozzles is ok.

3. Besides, our S-EF30000 have 8 spindles, can install 8 kinds of different nozzles at a time,has mostly satisfied customers’ requirements of production , but also save machine’s cost for them .

4. As per your production ,if no need to install so many kinds of nozzles at a time and  change the nozzles automatically frequency , if we add a alternate pick up nozzle tray on our machine ,won’t it add your cost of the machine?

5. We won’t suggest you to buy our most expensive and with too many functions machine to increase your cost if your production no need. 

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